Thursday, August 2, 2007

DISTURBIA one of the craziest movies


This movie a about a boy named Kale who’s father had diedin a car accident and that made him go crazy and he was set under house arrest for the rest of the summer with and ankle bracelet that detected when he left his yard. At first he doesnt mind it and he just plays video games and watches tv then he got bored. But when a new girl moves next door he doesnt think its so bad. Until another new neighbor moves in and the kids started spying on him and thought he might be a serial killer!!! And when Kale and his friends get bored watching from his room the decided to sneak into his neighbors house and find out for themselves. Then when they prove his neighbor really is a murderer Kale gets the rest of the summer off and the house arrest was forgotten about. Thise movie is rated P-G 13 and was a great movie if you wanted to see a mystery. I thought this movie was a good success and any age is able to watch and enjoy it!!!

this is mitch with 6th hour with hchs news

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