Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cyclone Tennes Statistics

Isaac Stitz
30-18 career singles record
25-16 career doubles record

Alec Plagman
30-18 career singles record
21-13 career doubles

Josh Cheek
18-16 career singles record
33-17 career doubles record

Caleb Rasmussen
9-3 career singles record
14-5 career doubles record

Kaleb Kaster
15-15 career singles record
28-17 career doubles record

Jonny Cheek 
6-6 career singles record
11-6 career doubles record

2017 record-7-5
2016 record-8-4
2015 record-2-8
2014 record-5-6

Friday, May 12, 2017

Cyclones Get 4th Place at District Tennis

Coach's Comments:

What a District Tennis meet this was! It was the most competitive and closest District meet in my 20 years of coaching tennis. Unfortunately, we were the team that ended up in fourth place(top three teams move on) and lost two semifinals matches that would have put three people to State Tennis. I though we played hard but just didn't make enough shots to win the big points that you need to do to win the match.

Overall, we had a great season and want to thank the five Seniors that will be graduating-Isaac Stitz, Alec Plagman, Josh Cheek, Caleb Rasmussen, and Joey Fields. They have all been a huge part of our success this year, and with the exception of Caleb who joined tennis this year, the last three to four years. All five of them will be missed greatly!

Listen to Coach Bruns' District tennis report here.


Isaac Stitz was seeded #1 in the singles tournament and ended getting 3rd place and is an alternate to State Tennis.

1st Round-Bye
Quarterfinals-Defeated Caleb Williams(Atlantic) 6-1, 6-1
Semifinals-Lost to #4 seed Caleb Hammerlink(Ballard) 5-7, 6-4, 1-6
3rd/4th place Match-Defeated #3 seed Jaden Heiden(Denison) 4, 6, 6-1, 1-0(7-5)

Alec Plagman was not seeded

1st Round-Lost to Kaleb Flory(Atlantic) 3-6, 7-6, 5-7


Josh Cheek and Caleb Rasmussen were seeded #3 the doubles tournament and ended up getting 4th place.

1st Round-Defeated Nile Petersen/Luke Hohenberger(Atlantic) 6-4, 6-4
Quarterfinals-Defeated Zach Ahrenholtz/Jordan Torres(Denison) 6-4, 4-6, 6-2
Semifinals-Lost to #2 seed Mosher/Echer(Ballard) 2-6, 6-4, 4-6
3rd/4th Place Match-Lost to Cam Pille/Justin Schroeder(Kuemper) 2-6, 4-6

Kaleb Kaster and Bailey Schmitz were not seeded.

1st Round-Defeated Brice Jensen/Adam Torneten 2-6, 6-1, 6-3

Team Results:

1. Carroll Kuemper-17-Kuemper wins via tiebreaker
2. Ballard-17
3. Atlantic-16
4. Harlan-13

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cyclones Get Third Place at the Hawkeye 10 Conference

The Harlan Community Cyclones came up big in the Hawkeye 10 Conference Tournament for the second year in a row finishing in third place. Every player got 5th place or higher with Isaac Stitz leading the way with a 2nd place finish in the #1 singles tournament.

"I am so proud of this team today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "We were prepared and it showed. Everyone played great tennis and that really helped out the team point wise which explains our third place finish. To have everyone finish 5th place or higher is just incredible. There were a lot of great players here today so it really shows how determined everyone was, especially in the heat.  I also want to thank my player-coach Preston Mulligan. He has done a great job all season and was outstanding today in helping coach Alec Plagman, Kaleb Kaster and Jonny Cheek when I was not at their matches."

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report here.

#1 Singles-Isaac Stitz-Not Seeded-Got 2nd Place--3-1 Record

Pigtail Match-Beat Cole Scheidle(Lewis Central) 8-3
1st Round-Beat Alex Chekal(#1 Seed-Glenwood) 8-4
Semifinal-Beat Tanner Finken(#4 Seed-Kuemper) 8-6
Final-Lost to Dalton Stoaks(#2 Seed-Shenandoah)3-8

Comments: I am so proud of how Isaac played today. After an up and down season, I have been telling him he is one of the best players in the Conference and is capable of making a run if he stays focused and positive. Everything played out almost perfectly for him and it was great to see him play the best tennis of his career today.
I can't say for sure, but there haven't been many non-seeded players in the finals in the #1 singles tournament over the years from what I remember. To beat the #1 and #4 seed, both of whom Isaac had lost to before, is a huge accomplishment.

#2 Singles-Alec Plagman-#3 Seed-Got 5th Place--2-1 Record

1st Round-Lost to Nile Petersen(Atlantic) 7-9
Consolation Semifinal-Beat Justin Choi(St. Albert's) 8-3
Consolation Final-Beat Justin Buzzard(Shenandoah) 8-4

Comments: Alec drew a very tough player in the first round, Nile Petersen from Atlantic. Nile was undefeated this season for a very strong Atlantic team at #4 singles and is also the son of former Atlantic tennis coach, Shawn Petersen. I knew it would be a tough match for Alec and sure enough it was. Alec was down 0-4 to start but battled back and got real close at the end but just couldn't get over the hump. I am very proud of how Alec bounced back and won his next two matches to get 5th place.

#1 Doubles-Josh Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen-Not Seeded-Got 3rd Place--3-1 Record

Pigtail Match-Beat Alex Best/Bradie Williams(Shenandoah) 8-4
1st Round-Beat Conner Andersen/Sam Weber(#3 Seed-Denison) 8-5
Semifinals-Lost to Jacob Cook/Jaden Driscoll(#2 Seed-Creston) 5-8
3rd/4th Place Match-Beat Justin Schroeder/Reed Rawlings(#4 Seed Kuemper) 8-6

Comments: Josh and Caleb played great today. Both rose to the occasion and beat two seeded teams and came close to beating the #2 seeded team from Creston as well. They did everything you have to do in doubles to have success-get first serves in, volley and lob well, hit away from the person at the net and finish overheads. Josh and Caleb are great competitors and are usually the better athletes on the court in their doubles matches. These two traits definitely helped them out yesterday. Great, great day from these two!

#2 Doubles-Kaleb Kaster/Jonny Cheek-Not Seeded-Got 5th Place

Pigtail Match-Beat Emilien Florentine/Tristin Davidson(Creston) 8-5
1st Round-Lost to Matt Detlinger/Colin Uhlenkamp(Kuemper) 1-8
Consolation 1st Round-Beat Ryan Messinger/Garrett Rolenc(Red Oak) 9-8(10-8)
Consolation Semifinal-Beat Sam Narmi/Christian Boer(St. Albert's) 8-5
Consolation Final-Beat Tyler Luckado/Owen Smith(Shenandoah) 8-5

Comments: First, let me start by saying that Kaleb Kaster has only lost one match in the #2 doubles tournament in two years with a 7-1 record. He won the #2 doubles championship last year with Josh Cheek. Great job!
Kaleb and Jonny went 4-1 on the day. That is a lot of matches for anyone in one day, especially in 90 degree heat. These two dug down deep and fought hard and played great tennis in the process. besided getting 5th place and going 4-1 on the day, the highlight for this team was the Red Oak match. Red Oak had three match points in the tiebreaker but Kaleb and Jonny found a way to comeback and win. Outstanding!

Final Team Standings

1. Carroll Kuemper-25
2. Atlantic-22
3. Harlan-21
4. Denison-Schleswig-20
5. Glenwood-19
6. Shenandoah-11
7. Creston-9
8. Clarinda-8
9. Red Oak/St. Albert's-4
11. Lewis Central-1

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cyclones Boy's Tennis Defeat Clarinda and Red Oak to Close Regular Season

The Cyclone boy's tennis team defeated Clarinda 7-2 and Red Oak 8-1 to conclude their regular season with a 7-5 overall record. The Cyclones were impressive in both wins and are peaking at the right time. " I thought everyone played great in both meets and everyone's confidence is higher than it's been all season which is perfect timing going into Conference and Districts on May 8 and May 11", Coach Chad Bruns said. "Of course, everything starts over so we have to be ready and continue to improve our play if we want to reach our team and individual goals."

Listen to Coach Bruns radio report for the Clarinda match and Red Oak match.

Singles Matches vs Clarinda
PosPlayer/OpponentSet 1
1Isaac Stitz10
JD Hitt2
2Alec Plagman10
Alex Best8
3Josh Cheek10
Kory Rogers4
4Kaleb Kaster9
Tyler Luckado11
5Caleb Rasmussen10
Brady Williams2
6Jonny Cheek6
Owen Smith10

Doubles Matches vs Clarinda
PosPlayer/OpponentSet 1
1Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman10
JD Hitt/Kory Rogers1
2Josh Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen10
Alex Best/Brady Williams5
3Kaleb Kaster/Jonny Cheek10
Tyler Luckado/Owen Smith4

JV Matches Vs. Clarinda

Bailey Schmitz defeated Storm Howard 9-8(8-6)
Bailey Schmitz defeated Alex Baker 8-6

Singles Matches vs Red Oak
PosPlayer/OpponentSet 1Set 2Set 3
1Isaac Stitz650
Weston Rolenc171
2Alec Plagman66
Ryan Messinger00
3Josh Cheek66
Sean Griffen24
4Kaleb Kaster66
Garrett Rolenc11
5Caleb Rasmussen66
Alex Wingert12
6Jonny Cheek66
Jake Echternach14

Doubles Matches vs Red Oak
PosPlayer/OpponentSet 1Set 2
1Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman66
Weston Rolenc/Sean Griffen23
2Josh Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen66
Ryan Messinger/Jake Echternach22
3Kaleb Kaster/Jonny Cheek66
Garrett Rolenc/Alex Wingert32

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose to Atlantic

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report here

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Grant Podhajsky 10-7
2. Alec Plagman lost to Cooper McDermott 3-10
3. Josh Cheek defeated Luke Hohenberger 11-9
4. Kaleb Kaster lost to Nile Petersen
5. Caleb Rasmussen lost to Kalob Flory 6-10
6. Jonny Cheek lost to Caleb Williams 4-10

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman lost to Grant Podhajsky 5-10
2. Josh Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen lost to Luke Hohenberger/Nile Petersen 9-11
3. Kaleb Kaster/ Jonny Cheek lost to Kalob Flory/Caleb Williams

Overall Record: 5-5

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Jacob Redler 2-8
2. Bailey Schmitz lost to Josh McLean 2-8
3. Jack Buman lost to Aaron Rothfusz 4-8
4. Lucas Schmitz lost to Brady O'Brien 4-8
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Max Bateman 2-8
6. William Funke lost to Jesse Reid 3-8

JV Doubles

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz lost to Jacob Redler/Josh McLean 1-8
2. Jack Buman/Lucas Schmitz lost to Aaron Rothfusz/Brady o'Brien 4-6
3. Bryan Hanson/William Finke lost to Max Bateman/Jesse Reid 1-6

Friday, April 21, 2017

HCHS Cyclone Boy's Tennis Defeat Shenandoah 5-4

The HCHS boy's tennis team hosted Shenandoah on Thursday, April 20 and squeaked out a close 5-4 victory. The meet was tied 3-3 after singles and the Cyclones were able to take two of the three doubles matches to clinch the meet.

"This was a great win against a good team," Coach Chad Bruns said. "After losing 4-5 to Glenwood earlier in the week, it was great to win this one. Close meets, whether you win or lose, are just fun to coach, watch and play in. They also build important experience when you find yourself in a close match."

This meet was the last home meet of the year for the Cyclones. They travel to Atlantic on Monday, April 24 and to Clarinda on Thursday, April 27. The Cyclones finish the regular season at Red Oak on Tuesday, May 2.

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report here.

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz lost to Dalton Stoaks 4-10
2. Alec Plagman defeated Alex Goodell 10-6
3. Josh Cheek lost to Jacob Buzzard 8-10
4. Kaleb Kaster lost to Trevor Finnegan 3-10
5. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Austin Perrin 10-6
6. Jonny Cheek defeated Jack Campbell 10-2

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman defeated Alec Goodell/Trevor Finnegan 10-3
2. Josh Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen defeated Dalton Stoakes/Austin Perrin 10-4
3. Kaleb Kaster/ Jonny Cheek lost to Jacob Buzzard/Chris Hendon 4-10

Overall Record: 5-4

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Chris Hendon o-6
2. Bailey Schmitz lost to Payton Stephens 2-6
3. Jack Buman lost to Nate Martin 4-6
4. Lucas Schmitz lost to PJ Hielen 3-6
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Tyler Courtier 1-6
6. William Funke lost to Nick Bartles 1-6

JV Doubles

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz lost to Payton Stephens/Nate Martin 4-6

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose a Close One to Glenwood

The Harlan Community boy's tennis team lost a heartbreaker on Tuesday, April 18 to the Glenwood Rams 4 matches to 5. Seven of the nine matches were within three games and really could have gone either way.

"After a disappointing meet at Kuemper, we really played great tennis today against one of the best teams in the conference," Coach Chad Bruns said. "Even though we lost, we were really close to winning this meet and everyone played well and gave their best which is all you can ask for."

The three singles matches that got away from the Cyclones were Alec Plagman, Josh Cheek and Jonny Cheek. Alec had match point in the tiebreaker while both Josh and Jonny were up 7-4 and just couldn't out their opponents away at the end. "This meet was a lot of fun to watch as both sides played great tennis and the tightness of the matches made it very intense at the end," Bruns added.

The Cyclones are now 4-4 on the season . The Cyclones host Shenandoah on Thursday, April 19th.

Listen to Coach Bruns radio report here.

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz lost to Alex Chekal 3-10
2. Alec Plagman lost to Sam Lauritsen 10-11(8-10)
3. Josh Cheek lost to Adam Konfrst 9-11
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Kris Mintle 10-8
5. Jonny Cheek lost to Carter Benson 9-11
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Josh Ruth 10-8

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman defeated Sam Lauritsen/Adam Konfrst 10-7
2. Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster  lost to Alex Chekal/Kris Mintle 5-10
3. Jonny Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen  defeated Carter Benson/Josh Ruth 10-7

Overall Record: 4-4

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Kyle Campbell 1-6
2. Bailey Schmitz defeated Nick Bahr 7-6(7-4)
3. Jack Buman defeated Cody Meyers 6-4
4. Lucas Schmitz defeated Grant Wickham 6-0
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Calvin Little 1-6
6. William Funke lost to Tanner Maxwell 2-6

JV Doubles

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz lost to Kyler Campbell/Cody Meyers 4-6
2. Jack Buman/Lucas Schmitz defeated Nick Bahr/Grant Wickham 6-3
3. Bryan Hanson/William Funke lost to Calvin Little/Tanner Maxwell 1-6

Cyclones Boy's Tennis Lose to Kuemper

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz lost to Tanner Finken 8-10
2. Alec Plagman lost to Cameron Pille 5-10
3. Josh Cheek lost to Justin Schroeder 6-10
4. Kaleb Kaster lost to Reed Rawlings 3-10
5. Jonny Cheek lost to Matthew Dentlinger 1-10
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Colin Uhlenkamp 10-5

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Josh Cheek lost to Tanner Finken/Cameron Pille 5-10
2. Alec Plagman/Caleb Rasmussen lost to Justin Schroeder/Reed Rawlings 6-10
3. Jonny Cheek/Kaleb Kaster  lost to Matthew Dentlinger/Kyle Ricke 4-10

Overall Record: 4-3

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Cole Uhlenkamp 2-8
2. Bailey Schmitz lost to Max Heithoff 5-8

JV Doubles

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz lost to Kyle Ricke/Max Heithoff 0-8
2. Jack Buman/Bryan Hanson lost to Conner Uhlenkamp/Cole Uhlenkamp 1-8
3. Lucas Schmitz/William Funke lost to Paul Ching/Jacob Schreck 2-8

Monday, April 17, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat Audubon 9-0

The Harlan Community Cyclones boy's tennis team hosted Audubon on Thursday, April 13th and won 9-0 to move to 4-2 on the season. The Cyclones played good tennis from the start and dominated from start to finish. "I was pleased with how everyone played today and also on Tuesday against Lewis Central", Coach Chad Bruns said. "Next week we are going to be facing some very good teams so we have to play even better if we are going to come out on top."
The Cyclones travel to Carroll Kuemper on Monday, April 17th and hosts Glenwood on Tuesday, April 18th and Shenandoah on Thursday, April 20th.

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report here. 

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Adam Torneten 10-1
2. Alec Plagman defeated Bryce Jensen 10-2
3. Josh Cheek defeated Logan Holmes 10-1
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Landon Frahm 10-0 
5. Jonny Cheek defeated Dennis Jackson 10-2  
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Isaiah Taylor 10-1

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Josh Cheek defeated Adam Torneten/Bryce Jensen 10-1
2. Alec Plagman/Caleb Rasmussen defeated Logan Holmes/Isaiah Taylor 10-0
3. Kaleb Kaster/Jonny Cheek defeated Landon Frahm/Dennis Jackson 10-0

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat Lewis Central

The Harlan Community Cyclones boy's tennis team traveled to Council Bluffs on Tuesday, April 11th and defeated Lewis Central 9-0 to move to 3-2 on the season. 
"I was very pleased with how everyone played today, especially in the absence of our number 4, 7 and 8 seeded players due to FFA," Coach Chad Bruns said. Number nine seed Bailey Schmitz had to step up and play the varsity number six spot. "I thought Bailey played well, despite the loss in singles," Bruns added. "It's not easy when you are new to the game to play varsity and find success but Bailey really stepped up in his doubles match with Jonny and won that match."

The Cyclones host Audubon on Thursday, April 13th. 
Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report here. 

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Cole Scheidle 8-1
2. Alec Plagman defeated Evos Filippi-Johns 8-1
3. Josh Cheek defeated Justin Reynolds 8-4
4. Jonny Cheek defeated Zach Moore 8-5
5. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Spencer Cooper-Ohms 8-4
6. Bailey Schmitz lost to Chase Johnson 1-8

Varsity Doubles:

1. Alec Plagman/Josh Cheek defeated Cole Scheidle/Justin Reynolds 8-0

2. Isaac Stitz/Caleb Rasmussen defeated Evos Filippi-Johns/Grant Benson 8-0

3. Jonny Cheek/Bailey Schmitz defeated Spencer Cooper-Ohms/Chase Johnson 8-5

JV Singles:

1. Lucas Schmitz lost to Nate Stouffer 3-6
2. Bryan Hanson lost to Jack Lefeber 1-6
3. William Funke lost to Carter Wells 0-6

Sunday, April 9, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Sweep St. Albert's

The Cyclones boy's tennis team bounced back from a loss to Denison earlier in the week to defeat St. Albert's 9-0. "I was very pleased with everyone's performance, especially Isaac's since he struggled in the Denison meet," Coach Chad Bruns said. "I was also very happy to see Kaleb, Jonny and Caleb battle and win their close matches. All three took hold of their matches late after being behind early on to win." 

The Cyclones are now 2-2 on the season. They travel to Lewis Central on Tuesday, April 11 and host Audubon on Thursday, April 13.

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Reed Miller 10-5
2. Alec Plagman defeated Cooper Bowman 10-4
3. Josh Cheek defeated Christian Baer 10-3
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Nathan Rhedin 10-5
5. Jonny Cheek defeated Trevor Rhedin 11-9
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Sam Narmi 10-7

Varsity Doubles:

1. Josh Cheek/Alec Plagman defeated Reed Miller/Cooper Bowman 10-8
2. Isaac Stitz/Caleb Rasmussen defeated Christian Baer/Trevor Rhedin 10-3
3. Jonny Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Nathan Rhedin/Sam Narmi 10-6

Overall Record: 2-2

Friday, April 7, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Fall to the Monarchs

Listen to Coach Bruns' Radio Report here

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz lost to Jaden Heiden 2-10
2. Alec Plagman defeated Sam Weber 10-4
3. Josh Cheek lost to Sean Moran 5-10
4. Kaleb Kaster lost to Conner Andersen 3-10
5. Jonny Cheek lost to Jordan Torres 3-10
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Caleb Seuntjens 10-8

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman lost to Sam Weber/Conner Andersen 4-10
2. Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster lost to Jaden Heiden/Jordan Torres 7-10
3. Jonny Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen lost to Sean Moran/Caleb Suentjens

Overall Record: 1-2

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Logan Dahm 1-8
2. Bailey Schmitz lost to Harrison Kahl 2-8
3. Jack Buman lost to Austin Freese 1-8
3. Lucas Schmitz lost to Brady Fredericks 6-8
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Colton Johnson 3-8
6. William Funke lost to Jaxson Pauley 4-8

JV Doubles

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz lost to Logan Dahm/Harrison Kahl 7-9
2. Jack Buman/Lucas Schmitz lost to Austin Freese/Brady Fredericks 4-8
3. Bryan Hanson/William Funke lost to Colton Johnson/Jaxson Pauley 4-8

Overall JV Record: 2-1

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cyclone Boy's Tennis Defeat Thomas Jefferson 9-0

The HCHS boy's tennis team evened their record on the year by defeating Thomas Jefferson of Council Bluffs 9-0.

"It was great to see everyone win their singles and doubles matches today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "While we still have a lot of room for improvement, getting early wins in the season is great for confidence which is extremely important in tennis."

The two close matches of the meet were at #3 and #6 singles. In the #3 singles match, Josh Cheek built an early lead only only to fall behind 5-7. His opponent(Jayden Steele) had two match points but Cheek was able to fight back and win. At #6 singles, Caleb Rasmussen fell behind 2-6 only to rally and win 9-7. "I am really proud of Josh and Caleb today. They didn't play very well throughout their match, but they never quit and battled back to win. Both were great wins and will help both of them going forward,"  Bruns added.

The Cyclones host Dension on Thursday, April 6th and St. Albert's on Friday, April 7.

Listen to Coach Bruns' KNOD Radio Report

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Nick Tallant  8-0
2. Alec Plagman defeated Tyler Belt  8-2
3. Josh Cheek defeated Jayden Steele  9-8(7-5)
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Alex Lakei  8-0
5. Jonny Cheek defeated Ryan Woolsoncroft  8-4
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Nate Newton  9-7

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman defeated Nick Tallant/Jayden Steele  8-2
2. Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Tyler Belt/Ryan Woolsoncroft  8-1
3. Jonny Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen defeated A;ex Lakei/Nate Newton  8-2

Overall Record: 1-1

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Gramt Merk 4-6
2. Bailey Schmitz defeated Jared Thompson 6-3
3. Jack Buman defeated Jesus Solorio 6-0
3. Lucas Schmitz defeated Tucker Rowe 6-0
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Macarthy Sivard 5-6
6. William Funke lost to Tim Ginn 3-6
Jack Buman defeated Anthony Arenus 6-0
Lucas Schmitz defeated Derek Duel 6-1
Bryan Hanson defeated Byron Parker 6-0

Overall JV Record: 2-0

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cyclones Lose To Abe Lincoln to Open Season

The Harlan Community boy's tennis team opened the 2017 hosting Abe Lincoln Council Bluffs and ended up losing a very close meet 4-5.  The Cyclones returned four of their top six varsity players from a year ago but were without their number one player, Isaac Stitz, who was not available to play in the meet. "It was a tough loss for us today as it came down to one match," Coach Chad Bruns said. "Abe Lincoln has been good for so long so it was good to see a good, competitive meet with them today. It's unfortunate that we were not at full strength today but I thought everyone gave their best and will get a lot of great experience from this meet."

Highlights in singles were wins by Alec Plagman and Kaleb Kaster. "Alec had his appendix out a couple of weeks ago and was given the greenlight to play just an hour before the meet started. Without much practice, winning 8-1 was quite an impressive performance for sure. As far as Kaleb is concerned, his hitting confidence continues to grow each year as he continues to improve his overall game," Bruns added.

Highlights in doubles were convincing wins at #1 and #2 doubles. "Our veteran players really stepped up tonight and played good tennis. Josh and Kaleb picked up right where they left off last year with a 8-3 win and then it was great to see Alec and first year player Caleb Rasmussen win as well."

The Cyclones host St. Albert's on April 3 and Denison on April 6 and travel to Thomas Jefferson Council Bluffs on April 4.

Listen to Coach Bruns' KNOD Radio Report .

Varsity Singles:

1. Josh Cheek lost to Caleb Snead 5-8
2. Alec Plagman defeated Nick Wailes 8-1
3. Kaleb Kaster defeated Devin O'Neil 8-2
4. Jonny Cheek lost to Chandler Von McMullen 3-8
5. Caleb Rasmussen lost 5-8 to Tyler Reiss
6. Preston Mulligan lost 3-8 to Reed Wildasen

Varsity Doubles:

1. Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Caleb Snead/Nick Wailes 8-3
2. Alec Plagman/Caleb Rasmussen defeated Devin O'Neill/Chandler Von McMullen 8-2
3. Jonny Cheek/Preston Mulligan lost to Tyler Reiss/Reed Wildasen 4-8

Overall Record: 0-1

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Ethan Snead 3-8
2. Bailey Schmitz defeated Peyton Rediger 9-8(7-3)
3. Jack Buman defeated Anthony Rodriguez 8-3
4. Bryan Hanson defeated Mike Wailles 8-1
5. Lucas Schmitz defeated Nathan Fisher 8-1
Lucas Schmitz defeated Matt Reiff 8-0

JV Doubles:

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz defeated Tanner Morriss/Humet Gerriets 6-1
2. Jack Buman/Bryan Hanson defeated Carter Morgan/Brendon Foote 6-2

Overall JV Record: 1-0

Friday, May 13, 2016

District Tennis Tournament Results

Listen to the radio report here.

The Cyclones traveled to Carroll on Thursday, May 12 for the District Tennis Tournament. The highlight of the day was Isaac Stitz's 3rd place finish in singles.

Coach Chad Bruns' Comments:

Today was not our day. We had some tough draws and just did not play our best tennis. There were some highlights. In singles, Alec won his first round match and Isaac ended up getting third place, which makes him the alternate to go to the State Tennis Tournament.

Even though we were disappointed with the results, it does not take away from the great season that we did have. I want to give a special mention to Michael and Nolan, our only seniors. They have improved so much from last season. They were a very important part of our success this year and will be missed greatly next year. With that said, we do return everyone else so we will look to continue  to build on the success of this year.

Singles Scores:

Isaac Stitz:
Had a bye first round
Second Round: Defeated Cam Pille(Kuemper) 6-4, 6-4
Semifinal: Lost to Andrew Troe(Boone) 0-6, 3-6
Consolation Match: Defeated Tanner Finken(Kuemper) 2-6, 6-4, 1-0(10-2) for 3rd Place

Alec Plagman:
First Round: Defeated Kalob Flory(Atlantic) 6-2, 3-6, 6-2
Second Round: Lost to Nathan Greiner(North Polk-#1 Seed) 6-1, 6-0

Doubles Scores:

Michael Rueschenberg/Nolan Heese:
First Round: Lost to Heiden/Weber(Dension) 5-7, 0-6

Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster:
First Round: Lost to Hohenburger/Williams(Atlantic) 4-6, 0-6

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HCHS Boy's Tennis Finish Second at Hawkeye 10 Tournamnet

Coach Chad Bruns' Comments:

I have to say that I am extremely proud of how much our team has improved from last year when we were at the bottom of this tournament. Everyone helped out in achieving this second place finish so it was a total team effort. We just played hard and good tennis overall today and really have been the last month or so. These guys have really stepped up and improved their game not just from last year but throughout this season as well. I am also very happy that everyone got a medal today as it will continue building our confidence going into Districts on Thursday(May 12) in Carroll.

Of course, major congratulations goes out to Josh Cheek and Kaleb Kaster for their Conference Championship in the #2 Doubles Tournament. They played outstanding tennis today, especially in the final, defeating Kuemper 6-4, 6-1.

See below for all the specific scores and results:

Listen to the radio report here.

#1 Singles: Isaac Stitz--Got 5th Place(4 points)

Pigtail Match: Stitz defeated Colin Uhlenkamp(Kuemper) 10-1
First Round: Stitz lost to Ryan Kucera(Creston #3 seed) 4-10
Consolation Semifinals: Stitz defeated Brooks(Clarinda) 9-7
Consolation Finals: Stitz defeated Sam Lauritsen(Glenwood) 8-2

#2 Singles: Alec Plagman--Seeded #3 and got 4th Place(5 points)

First Round: Plagman defeated Carlos Guerra(Red Oak) 10-8
Semifinal: Plagman lost to Alex Chekal 3-10
3rd/4th Match: Plagman lost to Colton Lear 6-8

#1 Doubles: Nolan Heese/Michael Rueschenberg-Got 6th place(3 points)

Pigtail Match: Heese/Rueschenberg defeated Cole Scheidle/Calvin Fricke(LC) 10-3
First Round: Heese/Rueschenberg lost to Jaden Heiden/Sam Weber(#1 seed) 2-10
Consolation First Round: Heese/Rueschenberg defeated Devon Ashenfelter/Jacob Buzzard(Shenandoah) 8-3
Consolation Semifinals: Heese/Rueschenberg defeated Cooper Bowman/Nathan Rhedin(St. Albert) 8-1
Consolation Finals: Heese/Rueschenberg lost to Weston Rolenc/Jesse Taylor(Red Oak) 4-8

#2 Doubles: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster-Seeded #3-Got 1st Place-Conference Champions!

First Round: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Sam Eagan/Triston Davidson(Creston) 10-2
Semifinals: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Sean Harper/Ethan Thompson(Glenwood) 10-8
Finals: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Matt Dentlinger/Conner Uhlenkamp(Kuemper) 6-4, 6-1

Team Results:
                1st Place                Glenwood                           24 Points
                2nd Place               Harlan                                   20 Points
                3rd Place               Lewis Central                     18 Points
                4th Place               St. Albert                             16 Points
Tie          5th Place               Kuemper                             13 Points
Tie          5th Place               Shenandoah                      13 Points
                7th Place               Creston                               11 Points
                8th Place               Atlantic                                 10 Points
                9th Place               Denison                               9 Points
                10th Place             Red Oak                               8 points
                11th Place             Clarinda                                2 Points

                1ST Place               Caleb Shudak                     Lewis Central
                2nd Place               Travis Miller                       St. Albert
                3rd Place               Ryan Kucera                        Creston
                4th Place               Dalton Stoaks                      Shenandoah
                5th Place               Isaac Stits                            Harlan
                6th Place               Sam Lauritsen                     Glenwood
                7th Place               Jacob Brooks                       Clarinda
                8th Place               Kalob Flory                          Atlantic

                1st Place                Aaron Bertini & Adam Konforst                           Glenwood
                2nd Place               Jaden Heiden & Sam Weber                                  Denison
                3rd Place               Grant Podhajsky & Cooper McDermott                 Atlantic
                4th Place               Tanner Finken & Cameron Pille                             Kuemper
                5th Place               Weston Rolenc & Jesse Taylor                               Red Oak
                6th Place               Nolan Heese & Michael Rueschenberger              Harlan
                7th Place               Jacob Cook & Jaden Driskell                                 Creston
                8th Place               Cooper Bowman & Nathan Rhedin                        St. Albert

                1st Place                Reed Miller            St. Albert
                2nd Place               Alex Chekel           Glenwood
                3rd Place               Colton Lear             Lewis Central
                4th Place               Alec Plagman          Harlan
                5th Place               Carlos Guerra          Red Oak
                6th Place               Brodie Jones           Shenandoah
                7th Place               Dustin Merritt         Creston
                8th Place               Justin Schrader        Kuemper

                1st Place                Josh Cheek & Kaleb Kaster                          Harlan
                2nd Place               Matt Dentlinger & Connor Uhlenkamp       Kuemper            
                3rd Place               Sean Harper & Ethan Thompson                  Glenwood
                4th Place               Garrett Clark & Jacob Buzzard                    Shenandoah
                5th Place               Colton Lear & Grant Rodenberg                  Lewis Central
                6th Place               Luke Hohenberger & William Weppler        Atlantic
                7th Place               Sean Moran & Jordan Torres                        Denison
                8th Place               Sam Eagan & Triston Davidson                   Creston