Thursday, August 2, 2007

Inside Westphalia Boars Practice

Today, I got to be one of the few people to see couple of times a year the practice of the Westphalia Boars Baseball team. The Westphalia Boars won American Legion last year for Cub A. That shows you what kind of tradition this baseball team has.It was a windy sunny day when I got an exclusive interview with the coach/player( you don’t see that very often) Daniel Schaben and Eric Crall. 6 months before the season starts. Elite baseball players come from around the world to try out for the team. They go through training for 3 weeks. The weak are seeded out and only the strong will survive. Somehow this year, kids were chosen around the county. The others had to pack their bags and fly back home.

During the practice, I got to see all the fundamentals that they go through. Even though they had two players today, the other players were off winning other awards. So far, they haven’t had any games because everyone has ran home crying after they have heard the Westphalia Boars crys and see their farmer tans.

Call coach Daniel S. to see when the next game is.

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