Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pee Wees Baseball Begins!

Hi, this is Christine Wingert with HCHS News. I’m here today to tell you about pee wees baseball. Every summer kids are called to ask if they want to play baseball. Most say us because it’s fun in the sun. Cheezy?? Good. Anyways, I had the chance to interview Zachary Wingert about his experiences playing pee wees baseball for Westphalia. Zach says he enjoys baseball and that it’s his favorite sport. He makes a lot of friends and has a lot of friends that play with him.

Here is his interview :

Question : What position do you play and what do you like a about it?

Zach’s Answer: I play catcher. I really like it a lot because there is always a lot of action and it really keeps you into the game because you have to know everything that is going and pay close attention.

Question: Is baseball one of your favorite summer sports?

Zach’s Answer: Yes, because I won’t be lazy and so I can show my competitive side of me on the field.

Question: What are you reactions after loosing a game? Winning a game?

Zach’s Answer: Loosing, I’m upset and I wonder if the team and I are good players. Winning, I cheer and brag it to my siblings because I feel proud of myself knowing that I helped out the teams win.

Question: What are your favorite things about baseball?

Zach’s Answer: My top three favorite things are hitting the ball, scoring runs, and getting someone out.

This is Christine Wingert… signing off for HCHS News.

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