Thursday, August 2, 2007

Shivering Ilse: Is it worth it?

If any of you do not know, Shivering Ilse is a Xbox Live download for Oblivion that came out awhile ago, but I just got around to completing it. Anywho, is it worth the price of 2400 points. I am here to tell you that yes, it is definatly worth it. This beats Mehrunes Razor on length, excitment, and gameplay. Unless you are mathmatically incorrect, 7 hours(Shivering Ilse) is bigger than 2 hours(Mehrunes Razor). As you begin the quest, you are tasked with going into “A strange door” where everyone that has come out has gone insane. Will you go insane? Probably, but you decide that when you come out. Will you kill all you see, or will you continue on as normal. Well, that is what the game is about. Moving along, once you enter though the door you will be asked to sit down with Haskill, the Madgod’s servent. After chatting up a storm, the walls will disappear and off you go to “The Fringe” and you meet a guy who is in love with bones. He helps you kill the gatekeeper as long as you take him with you through the “Gates of Madness”. Ofcourse you have a choice as to which gate to go through. Will you got through the land of Mania(light) or Dementia(dark). Either way you get to the same place, but with different vegitation. Later on, when you get to the capital, you will meet the Madgod, Sheogorath. You will learn that the Shivering Ilse is in crisis. The Greymarch is upon them, led by another Deadric Lord, Jygylag(not sure of the spelling). You are tasked with stopping it. The first step is to start up the Xildilian, an ancient dungeon ment to cause adventurers to go insane, but was rendered useless when the gatekeeper was created. After that, you must reclaim The Fringe from The Order(Jygylag’s army). After the retaking you must ensure the borders by reconstructing the gatekeeper with limbs of your choice. When you arrive back at the castle, you will hear that the Greymarch has not been stopped and you learn a terrible secret, but i can’t tell you that, or you will know what you are missing. Buy the download if you have live and the game.

Jake Wilwerding

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