Thursday, August 2, 2007

Spider-man Tres

A chiseled and chummy whir of pure electrifying gorgeousness (AKA James Franco- New Goblin/Harry Osborn, and Tobey Maguire- Spider-man/ Peter Parker) flash across the screen. Between graphic spews of PG-13 intense action and violence and the sparkly magic of never-ending, heart-wrenchingly lovely love of Peter Parker and the adored MJ Watson (Kirsten Dunst), it truly is difficult to say exactly what genre this sequenced film falls into. Is it action, because of its jumbles of… well… action?! Or is it Sci-Fi, the story of your average young man that turns into some freaky spider dude that shoots webs out his hand and battles vengeful villians down the side of skyscrapers? Could it be adventure, we ask ourselves? Adventurous young men battling vengeful villians down the side of skyscrapers, perhaps? Or is it, in fact a thriller, thrilling the audience with spidey-boy soaring from building to building, and more importantly, thrilling glimpses of a sweaty James Franco?! In truth I proclaim to you all, no!! This is not thriller, adventure, science fiction, OR action. The movie Spider-man 3 is indeed a chick-flick. A comic book movie turned bad… as was Spider-man in this film, twisting painfully with inner turmoil as he struggles to break the bond between the disturbing black entity that devours him and his true colors– red and blue. Is it worth seeing, you ask? Oh my, yes, if you have already seen the other two, you might as well. (That was my thinking.) But if you go with that logic, you should also see the movie if you desire to feel like slowly ripping off your entire lower lip and hurling it toward the screen in frustration at a movie as lame as three hours of Monopoly with your little brother. Enjoy!

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