Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cross Country Interview

1.Q: Who were the top 3 runners for the JV and Varsity in the last meet?
A: JV girls: Ellen Klitgaard, Becca Pauley, Alex Gettys
JV boys: Sean Sorensen, Skylar Mikels, Joe Schmitz
Varsity Girls: Jenny Hosack, Jill Rueschenberg, Megan Jacobsen
Varsity Boys: Nathen Brace, Alex Voge, Nick Soll
2.Q: What are your expectations for them in the next meet?
A: I want my boys to compete with and beat Lewis Central. I want my girls to win the meet.
3.Q: Who do you think has made the biggest improvement since last year or has everyone made big improvments?
A: We have several new people who are improing daily. Veterans-Jenny Hosack, Allen Schwery,Nick Soll, and Alysha Knudsen
4.Q:What are your expectations for the rest of the season and do you think it is possible for this years team to claim the state tital?
A: I would like to see the boys go after the top half of conference and compete for a spot at state. I think that the girls can win state.
5.Q:Do you feel your team can improve more or are they at the tio of their game?
A: We have a long way to go before we will start racing fast. The best is yet to come!
6.Q: Do you think you have grown closer to your team aver these few short weeks?

Kyla Hansen, Emily Boeck, Tori Langenfeld

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