Sunday, September 9, 2007

Harlan vs. Heelan Freshman Game

Sioux City--- Reporting for HCHS News is Willy Henrich On Friday night the Harlan Cyclones Freshman team went up to Sioux City and handed the Bishop Heelan Crusaders their second loss of the season. For the Cyclones the win was their first, but it was a big one. The game started out sloppy for the Cyclones. They missed on a snap that turned into a fumble that Heelan recovered. Then Heelan turned that mistake of the Cyclones into a touchdown. But that was the only turnover the Cyclones would make and it was the last points Heelan would score until the 4th quarter.

The Cyclones would then dominate the game by running with Dylan Barrett and throwing the ball with Derek Schwartz. On the defensive side of the ball the Cyclones stopped all the plays they knew Heelan loved to use. Dylan Barrett broke open two big running plays in the game that resulted in the Cyclones scoring. Adam Cave made two big receptions that sparked scores on runs by Dylan Barrett.The offensive line played much better than they did last Friday against Denison.

Now here is an interveiw with the two winning coaches Dan Leinen and John Murtaugh

WH: How do you think the freshman team played Friday?
DL: We played better than last week but we still have improvements to make
JM: I thought we played very well. It was good to see the players respond like they did after a tough loss the previous week.
WH: What do you think was the turning point in the game on friday?
DL: A long pass to Adam Cave in the first quarter to set up a score
JM: One of the turning points was when we kept them from getting the two point conversion after they scored their first touchdown. We hit #22 very hard and at that point they knew we meant business. Also, the offensive driving right down the field and scoring after Heelan went ahead of us 6-0.
WH: Offensivly, Coach Leinen, how do you think your team played?
DL: We played well, but we need to get better at blocking
WH: Coach Murtaugh, how do you think your team played defensivly?
JM: I was pleased with how we played on defense. We had a little trouble with the “iso” in the first half, but other than that we played solid
WH: What was the best offensive play of the game?
DL: A broken play that ended up being a touchdown for Dylan Barret
JM: Dylan Barrett breaking several tackles on a running play and scoring from about 70 yards out.
WH: What was the best defensive play of the game?
DL: When Andrew Mclaughlin intercepted a pass and took it back for a touchdown
JM: When Andrew McLaughlin picked off the screen pass and ran it in for a touchdown.
WH: How much do you think the hard practices this week helped the team physically and mentally?
DL: Because hard practice always helps a team
JM: I thought we got a lot better last week in practice. As the players know; “practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”
WH: What was the biggest improvement you thought we achieved from week one to week two?
DL: Better blocking and tackling
JM: We improved the most in the following areas: offensive line play, pass defense, and conditioning.
WH: Who do you credit most for this win?
DL: No one, it was a TEAM effort
JM: The players just like Coach Leinen said
WH: For next week against Glenwood, what are you expecting of your players?
DL: A good hard fought contest with more improvement in our game
JM: We expect to get better. Because if you don’t get better you get worse.
WH: What do you think was the biggest factor on how this game turned of tonight?
DL: Our team was focused on what they had to do
JM: The desire of the players to bounce back after what happened the previous week.
WH: Thanks coaches we hope to hear good things from you again next week. This is Willy from HCHS news signing off.

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