Sunday, September 23, 2007

Iowa State Cyclones Fall to 1-3 After Loss at Toledo

Reporting as your Iowa State news affiliate, I'm Willy Henrich. The Iowa State Cyclones fall to Toledo 36-35 in a game that ISU just gave up big plays when they needed to not give up big plays. A kickoff return for a touchdown and a botched snap on a punt that ended up in a Toledo touchdown was the turning points in the game, and essentially won the game for Toledo. ISU led 35- 24 until 5:25 in the 4th when things went downhill for the Cyclones. Then ISU drove down the field to the 21 of Toledo, and attempted a field goal with 14 seconds left which was partially blocked by Toledo.

So what is next for the Cyclones? "We will have to regroup after this tough loss, and figure out what we have to do to prepare ourselves for the next game," Losing is always tough, but hopefully our resiliency will come through for us next week against a tough opponent like Nebraska," said Head Coach Gene Chizik. "We have to be ready," said ISU Quarterback Brett Meyer. "We had some really good moments tonight where our offense was in sync, but when you give up big plays on special teams and can't make big plays on special teams then it's tough to win games," said Chizik. But now I'm going to leave you to wonder which ISU team will show up next Saturday: the Good or the Ugly. This is Willy Henrich reporting for HCHS News, and your ISU affiliate wishing you a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Those are pictures from the UNI game at Ames...their jerseys are red also that is there HOME color so your pictures dont go with your story about the loss to Toledo at Toledo, Ohio!