Sunday, September 16, 2007

Religion in Schools

Religion in schools has been an ongoing war between church and state for close to twenty years. It was just recently decided that we can not say one nation under God in our pledge of allegiance. We also had to take all religion based materials out of our schools. The question is... Is it worth it.

When I was working at Victoria Station this weekend I would ask costumers there opinions on the subject. The first group I asked said "This nation we are founded upon was brought together by freedom of religion. Why after all these years would they change that, I don't know. Our children turned for the worst when they toke it out. They all of a sudden had to choose between religion or popularity." A lot of people told me close to the same thing.

A gentleman came in named Dan told me, "I wouldn't even consider sending my children to public schools. I don't want them to face the challenges of religion in school. I have brought them up to live a certain way and I don't want them to change all because of a state law. If they put the Ten Commandments up again and let our children say "One Nation under God" then I would consider it." I had a lot of people say that our schools turned for the worst and no longer had appropriate morals. I read several articles that said 86% of Americans want religion brought back in schools. So why aren't they?

My opinion on this is that those who don't want it speak louder than those who do. I think that it should be brought back in the school system. We should not have to choose between religion and popularity. We need to remember that religion is not a fad, but a right. If enough of us speak out who knows what could happen. This has been McDaniel7 with HCHS news. ...and no I dont have glasses.


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