Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Working Teens are They too Stressed?

On September 18th, 2007 working teens at the Shelby Dairy Queen became very fustrated with there work because so many people were coming in right before they closed. Many of the teens working there usually have homework they need to do or a big test to study for, but for them getting that done becomes very hard so they have to stay up late to do it and then they are very tired the next day.
Most teens everyday have to work after school is this good for them to have to deal with the stress of a job already or is it somehting they need to do to e responsibe. Mallory Peters from A-H-S-T answered some of my questions about teen stress.
What is it like to have homework on a work night?
A. Its hard and very stressful because you want ot get good grades and you also want a good pay check to.
Have you ever wanted to quite your job before?
A. Yes, there are moments where it is really stressful to have a test on the day you work because then you cant study for it because you usually dont get off until late and then im to tired to study.
What kind of advice would you give a everyday working teenager?
A. Hang in there there is always a nice paycheck a the end of the long day, and remember grades first that is hug eyou dont want to be stuck at that job forever so go get your grades make sure you have time to study and be organized because if you stay on top of the tyou will ahve a great job some day that wont give you stress at all.
Well there you have it stay in school and keep your job no matter how hard it gets.
By Morgan Myers and Jordan Frum

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