Monday, October 8, 2007

Big Brother Big Sister Program

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The Big Brother Big Sister Program is a new program that is starting at HCHS. Big Brother Big Sister consist of responsible high school students mentoring elementary aged children outside of school. They will get together a few times a month and do activites one on one, and then do a big group activity with all the mentors and children every 2 months. The photos are just a few examples of what it looks like to have an older brother/older sister, and some activities they will do such as play a board game, read, watch tv, or even play dolls.
The goal for this program is to have a postive impact on children who are not so fortunate to have older siblings or no siblings at all. This program will also be open to any child who just wants a high school student to look up to and have fun with. We really hope to see this program be successful and continue for many more years to come. If you are interested, see Ms. Sittig.

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