Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat Glenwood to Improve to 6-1

KNOD Radio Report:

The HCHS Cyclones boy's tennis team improved to 6-1 today with a victory over the Glenwood Rams. The Cyclones won four of six singles matches and then swept all three doubles matches. The JV team remained undefeated with a 9-0 win as well.

"I was again very pleased with our play today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "We struggled a bit at the number one and two singles matches today. Ryan and Mitch played two very good players today. Mitch had some chances to win his match but just could not put his volleys and overheads away today on a consistent basis. Ryan lost to one of the top players in the Hawkeye 10 so it was a tough match for him today." Everyone else played extremely well in their singles matches and won convincingly," Bruns added.

In doubles action, the Cyclones swept the Rams 3-0. "Our number two and three doubles teams played very well today," Bruns said. "The number one doubles match was the match of the day. Ryan and Nate were up 5-1 early which was great to see. However, I knew the Glenwood team was too strong to get blown out and of course, they made a great comeback to tie the match at 7-7. Ryan and Nate deserve all the credit for stepping up their games to win the last three games to finish the match 10-7. It was a great match to watch," Bruns concluded.

Varsity Scores(6-1 on the season)--We won 7-2 over Glenwood(Harlan players on the left)

#1 Singles Ryan Andersen lost 4-10 to Grant Nikseresht

#2 Singles Mitch Gross lost 8-10 to Dillon Stane

#3 Singles Nate Pattee won 10-2 over Ryan Hansen

#4 Singles Nate Ohms won 10-2 over Andrew Cronk

#5 Singles Willie Henrich won 10-1 Grant Stivers

#6 Singles Jacob Harmon won 10-3 over Eric Woodrow

#1 Doubles Ryan Andersen/Nate Pattee won 10-7 over Nikseresht/Stane

#2 Doubles Mitch Gross/Nate Ohms won 10-3 over Cronk/Stivers

#3 Doubles Jacob Harmon/Willie Henrich won 10-5 over Hansen/Woodrow

JV Scores(5-0 on the season)--JV won 9-0 (Harlan players on the left)

JV Singles:

#7 Josh Lefeber won 6-0 over Bryce Cap

#8 Dan Ohms won 6-0 over Ben Umberger

#9 Nick Petsche won 6-3 over Devon Huebner

#10 Rodney Bengford won 6-0 over Andrew Powell

#11 John Kaufman won 6-1 over Nate Harms

#12 Ryan Henrich won 6-1 over Brady Baker

JV Doubles:

#1 Josh Lefeber/Ryan Henrich won 6-1 over Cap/Baker

#2 Dan Ohms/Jon Kaufman won 6-0 Umberger/Harms

#3 Nick Petsche/Rodney Bengford won 6-0 over Huebner/Powell

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