Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat TJ 7-2!

The HCHS boy's tennis team evened their season record at 1-1 Tuesday afternoon with a victory over Thomas Jefferson in Council Bluffs.

"Everyone at both the varsity and junior varsity level got at least one victory today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "It was great to see most everyone hit the ball well tonight. Nate P., Nate O., Jacob and Willie all played very well tonight overall in both singles and doubles." "Ryan and Mitch both struggled hitting the ball consistently tonight in their singles matches. It is difficult to start slow and win in a set to eight at #1 and #2 singles. They have to get off to faster starts to start seeing success at their seeds."

"Overall this was a great win tonight that will give our young team confidence in the coming weeks," Coach Bruns added.

Varsity Scores(1-1 on the season)--We won 2-7 over Thomas Jefferson(Harlan players on the left)

#1 Singles Ryan Andersen lost 3-8 to Kevin Von Kampen

#2 Singles Mitch Gross lost 6-8 to Taylor Reikofski

#3 Singles Nate Pattee won 8-0 over Nolan Dix

#4 Singles Nate Ohms won 8-4 over Brian Van Orsden

#5 Singles Jacob Harmon won 8-1 over Marcus Segovia

#6 Singles Willie Henrich won 8-1 over Aaron Jordan

#1 Doubles Ryan Andersen/Nate Pattee won 9-7 over Von Kampen/Reikofski

#2 Doubles Mitch Gross/Nate Ohms won 8-3 over Von Orsden/Segovia

#3 Doubles Jacob Harmon/Willie Henrich won 8-3 over Jacon Morgan

JV Scores(2-0 on the season)--JV won 14-1(Harlan players on the left)

JV Singles:

#7 Josh Lefeber won 6-0 over Jacob Morgan

#8 Dan Ohms won 6-0 over Brad Stokes

#9 Nick Petsche won 6-1 over Nick Burton

#10 Riley Finn won 6-3 over Dustin Zuelsdorf

#11 Jon Kaufman won 6-4 over Jeff Harris

#12 Ryan Henrich won 6-0 over Justin Stephenson

#13 Rodney Bengford won 6-2 over James Griese

#14 Vinnie Reeves won 6-3 over Ben Larson

#15 Brandon Weis won 6-0 over Tim Mantil

#16 Zach Lefeber won 6-4 over Justin Stephenson

JV Doubles:

Josh Lefeber/Dan Ohms won 6-0 over Jordan/Stokes

Nick Petsche/Ryan Henrich lost 4-6 to Burton/Zuelsdorf

Riley Finn/Jon Kaufman won 6-3 over Harris/Stephenson

Rodney Bengford/Vinnie Reeves won 6-1 over Griese/Larson

Brandon Weis/Zach Lefeber won 6-2 over Mantil/Larson

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