Thursday, April 30, 2009

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose to Clarinda 4-5

The HCHS Cyclones boy's tennis team fell to 7-2 after a 4-5 loss to Clarinda on Thursday, April 30.

The meet was tied after singles(3-3), in which Ryan Andersen, Willy Henrich and Jacob Harmon all won. "Ryan, Willy and Jacob played extremely well in their singles action tonight," Coach Chad Bruns said. "They served and hit the ball really well tonight, which is what we needed everyone to do to win the meet", Bruns added.

The Cyclones lost two out of three doubles matches giving Clarinda the victory. "I was really proud of Jacob and Willy in the doubles today. It was a close match all the way and it was great to see them fight off two match points to win the tie-break," Bruns added.

"Clarinda is one of the top two teams in the Conference and it was great to see our guys compete so well. Jeff Williams is one of the better players in the state so we knew we needed everyone to step up and get wins anywhere we could today. Unfortunately, we were one win short," Bruns said.

Varsity Scores(7-2 on the season)--We lost 2-7 to Clarinda(Harlan players on the left)

#1 Singles Nate Pattee lost 2-8 to Jeff Williams

#2 Singles Ryan Andersen won 8-6 over Bobby Hess

#3 Singles Mitch Gross lost 4-8 to Clay Rope

#4 Singles Nate Ohms lost 3-8 to Paul Mowery

#5 Singles Willy Henrich won 8-2 over Tyler Dicksen

#6 Singles Jacob Harmon won 8-3 over Ross Farwell

#1 Doubles Ryan Andersen/Nate Pattee lost 1-8 to Williams/Hess

#2 Doubles Mitch Gross/Nate Ohms lost 4-8 to Mowery/Dicksen

#3 Doubles Jacob Harmon/Willy Henrich won 9-8(9-7) over Rope/Ryan Linke

JV Scores(8-0 on the season)--JV won 7-0 (Harlan players on the left)

JV Singles:

#7 Josh Lefeber won 8-2 over Nick Cabeen

#8 Nick Petsche won 8-2 over Logan Sump

#15 Zach Lefeber won 6-1 over Javi Tait

#16 Vinnie Reeves tied 3-3 with Shane Reed

JV Doubles:

Josh Lefeber/Nick Petsche won 9-8(7-5) over Turner/Haug

Dan Ohms/Jon Kaufman won 6-3 over Dean/Bradley

Rodney Bengford/Ryan Henrich won 6-1 over Aucker/McAllister

Riley Finn/Brandon Weis won 7-5 over Greenwood/Ripley

Ryan Henrich/Riley Finn won 6-0 over Tait/Reed

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