Monday, May 11, 2009

Boy's Conference Tennis Results

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#1 Doubles--Ryan Andersen and Nate Patte were seeded #3:

1st Round: Ryan Andersen/Nate Pattee lost 7-10 to Upedegrove/Andersen from Red Oak

Consolation: Andersen/Patte won 8-3 over Johnson/Lieferman from Atlantic

Consolation: Andersen/Pattee won 8-5 over Nikseresht/Hansen from Glenwood for 5th Place

#2 Doubles--Mitch Gross and Nate Ohms were seeded #1

1st Round: Gross/Ohms won 10-5 over Armstrong/Young from Shenendoah

2nd Round: Gross/Ohms won 5-7, 6-4, 6-3 over Goracke/White from Red Oak

Finals: Gross/Ohms lost 4-6, 2-6 to Holmes/Sachs from Atlantic

#1 Singles--Willy Henrich

Pigtail: Henrich lost 8-10 to Ryan Weber from Lewis Central

Consolation: Henrich won 9-7 over Skylar Schmdt from Glenwood

Consolation: Henrich lost 1-8 to Nate Greteman from Carroll Kuemper

Consolation: Henrich lost 2-8 to Ryan Weber from Lewis Central to get 8th place

#2 Singles--Jacob Harmon

Pigtail: Harmon lost 8-10 to Petersen from Denison

Consolation: Harmon won 8-0 over Turney from Shenandoah

Consolation: Harmon lost 6-8 to Taylor from Creston

Consolation: Harmon won 8-1 over Cronk from Glenwood to get 7th Place

Team Standings:

1st-Carroll Kuemper-26 points
2nd-Red Oak-24
10th-Lewis Central-3


I was very pleased with the play of Mitch Gross and Nate Ohms today. They played very well in getting 2nd place.

I was also happy to see everyone get us points today. Unfortunately, a couple of very close matches did not go our way today otherwise we would have finished much higher in the standings.

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