Monday, May 4, 2009

Cyclones Boy's Tennis Lose to Atlantic

Varsity Scores(7-3 on the season)--We lost 1-8 to Atlantic(Harlan players on the left)

#1 Singles Nate Pattee lost 0-10 to Taylor Petersen

#2 Singles Ryan Andersen lost 8-10 to Derek Tjepkes

#3 Singles Mitch Gross lost 5-10 to Bryant Johnson

#4 Singles Nate Ohms lost 8-10 to Mitch Lieferman

#5 Singles Willie Henrich lost 5-10 to Jordan Holmes

#6 Singles Jacob Harmon lost 6-10 to Andrew Sachs

#1 Doubles Ryan Andersen/Nate Pattee lost 6-10 to Petersen/Tjepkes

#2 Doubles Mitch Gross/Nate Ohms won 10-7 over Johnson/Leiferman

#3 Doubles Jacob Harmon/Willie Henrich lost 1-10 to Holmes/Sachs

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