Friday, September 18, 2009

Art on the Wall, In the South Hall

This is Danielle Hernandez for School News bringing you the news at school. I've been hearing a lot of students expressing interest in the mural just south of Mr. Fah's room upstairs. Honestly, I had no idea people even really realized it was there. It's just one of those things that have always been there! But as soon as the Mind Design class painted over it with white, everybody noticed in a very vocal way. Well, being one of the students that painted over the mural, I thought I’d share some of my vast knowledge with you.

Many of you hopefully remember the old mural. If not I’m seriously concerned for your mental health considering it was still on the wall only two weeks ago. Just to remind you, the mural that used to be there featured several students sitting on the steps of a crumbling mausoleum. It was done several years ago and the age showed. One of the students was holding a walkman CD player. That’s right, none of the fancy iPODs you young folk are carrying around today. There were also some issues with the dynamics of the painting. The perspective made the ground sort of looked like it was ramping up. Long story short, Mr. Renkly was ready for something new and funky fresh.

I’m surprised by how many people think that the wall will just remain white. I assure you, it will NOT. The Mind Design class, headed by Mr. Renkly, has plenty of ideas for what’s going up there next, and they’re already beginning pencil-work upstairs. So what’s going up there? You’ll have to wait and see. But I’ll give you a few minor details.

Have you ever seen those J. Doe Project statues located around town in Omaha? Of course you have, you just didn’t realize it. The J. Doe Project was a contest initiated by the city of Omaha and artists were commissioned to design and do whatever they could with fiberglass, genderless human statues. Well, the mural upstairs will feature forms similar to that. There’s also a rumor that the hallway will seem to keep going past the wall… But, that’s all the information you’re squeezing out of me!

The new paint job will be beginning shortly, and I’m sure you’ll all love this one far more than the previous, outdated one. Mind Design is going to start painting this new mural within the next week. Be sure to check it out as you’re passing it in the hallways! If you have any comments on the work that’s been done or any thoughts you might have on new murals around school, just post a comment on here. This has been Danielle Hernandez for School News.

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I like the new written pieces. It's nice to have something interesting to read while the videos are loading! :)