Friday, September 18, 2009

Homecoming Dance.... Is it all it's said to be?

So the time of the year has come once again. Where girls are waiting expectantly for a guy to surprise them with the question “Will you go to homecoming with me?” Then girls go through stores looking for a perfect dress and guys talk about how they are going to make sure the girls have an awesome night. So everyone really loves homecoming right?
Well I am Kelsey McDaniel with HCHS school news and I am here to pose the question. Does everyone really like the homecoming dance? I have interviewed and researched a variety of students; students from the freshman class up to the senior class.
While I was sitting in class I have been over hearing a lot of conversations about homecoming. It seems that most people are fifty-fifty on the subject. A group of girls were sitting in art class and I was sitting in the middle of the class room. The girls on my right were so excited about the dance. They are in charge of making sure the dance is going to be really great. Most of the girls already have dresses and don’t even have a date yet. The girls on my left were talking about how they think that the homecoming dance is a popularity contest. That it is only fun if you are one of the “popular” girls or guys. They all said that they do not plan on attending the dance this year just because of there opinion on the subject.
The guys have a pretty common opinion on the subject. It’s a lot of pressure to ask the girls, especially if they are not dating. Most don’t like to have to dress up and get there pictures taken.
As most of you know The Homecoming Dance starts usually at about nine o’clock and goes to midnight. People show up and spend about a half hour to an hour getting their pictures taken. After that people usually spend an hour just standing around and talking. Finally people start to dance and have fun. It’s usually close to midnight by the time people really start to have a good time.
So I went straight to the students of HCHS and asked for their personal opinions on the dance. The question asked was “What is your overall opinion on the Homecoming Dance and why do you feel the way do?”

Taimon Wehr (Junior)- It’s lame.

Danielle Hernandez (Junior)- Its lame but I think its better that it is on Saturday instead of on Friday.

Sierra Bain (Senior)- It sucks and it’s boring. It is never really any fun.

Victoria Jensen (Senior)- School dances are worthless but it gives me a chance to hang out with my friends.

Anonymous Junior Girl- Umm I don’t like it cause the themes are usually lame and a live band would be way better than a D.J.

Cora Davis (Junior)- Its a lot of fun and it’s a great way to hang out with friends and not be tempted to drink. Its kind of a lot of hype for something that’s really not that great.

CJ Seaman (Junior)- Definitely not going to go. I don’t like dressing up and I can’t dance.

Shantel Ayers (Freshman) – I am really excited. Its going to be my first and I hear it’s a lot of fun.

Anonymous Senior Boy- I think its dumb 'cause all they play is rap.

Well there you have it HCHS’s opinion on the Homecoming dance. This year’s theme is going to be Lion King and it will be held on October 3rd. Student Council is working really hard to exceed all expectations you may have for this year's dance. So I will end with this question. What’s your over all opinion about the homecoming dance and why do you feel the way you do? Post your comments right here.

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