Friday, September 18, 2009

The Pros and Cons about cell phones in school - Jake Holloway

I feel that this new cell phone policy in our school can have a beneficial and a negative effect on the student body. The upside to this policy is that the students are less likely to use their cell phones in class because they have been given the rights to use them during passing periods, lunch and study halls. I feel that students will become more responsible due to more rights since last year they were limited. So therefore they had became rebellious. This policy has not only effected the students but have had an effect on the faculty of our school as well. The staff has became more up to date with their technology and they are getting a feel for the students’ point of view of high school life. I for one have experienced the consequence for using my cell phone in school. Just the other day I was in Mr. Juhl’s class and he caught me using my phone. He took it and I had to get it from Mr. Connell at the end of the day. It being my first a fence, lead me right into a Saturday! I for one think it is pretty harsh to get that for a one time deal.

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