Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skate Park

Hello all this is Micah Finken and I would love to talk about a subject that hasent recieved very much attention lately, the skate park. Thanks to much hard work by many of our peers and local businesses we raised enough money for our lovely skate park. However it is disapointing to say that not very many people have been going lately, and that isnt the terrible weather's fault. It seems that it is just a place for little kids to sit durring pool check or a place for the walnuts and leaves to pile up. At first it was a place of skating not a place to sit. There are a few skaters that still beleive in it and still visit it often but not enough to concider it worth all that hard work that everyone put into it to create it. I think we need an event to try to bring everyone back to our skate park. I think that the skate park can still be saved but it will take you to save it, so next time there is nothing to do grab a skateboard or some roller blades and join in on the fight to save our skate park.

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