Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teen Pregnancy By Emily Bierl

Many teens have stressful lives in high school. For some teen girls the stress occurs because they are pregnant. Teen boys can also be stressed by being involved with the pregnancy.

Carly Kienast said, "It would be very hard to take care of a child in high school." On the other side, Brandi Wooster said, "It wouldn't be too bad because you bring a new life in the world and receive money from the government to support you." In my opinion I can hardly take care of myself, so I wouldn't be able to look after a child. Statistics show that when your under the age of eighteen, your baby is 60 percent more likely to be fatal compared to older women's babies. About one-third of young women in the U.S. are pregnant while in high school. Eighty percent of teen pregnancies are unintended.

Many girls who are pregnant are more likely to drop out of school. Some teens turn to the option of adoption. "If I was involved in a girls teen pregnancy, I would have to give the baby up for adoption," explained Dylan Garrison. Adoption would be a good choice due to the fact that having a baby can be expensive. You have to pay for health issues, food, clothes, toys, and many other items.

Having a baby while being a teen, leads to staying home to take care of it. There is no time for going out with friends or doing anything a teenager would normally do. There are some mothers of teens who will help out, but it's a responsibility of the daughter or son.

-Britanny Burmeister, agreeing that having a baby leads to little free time with friends.

Denying pregnancy or hiding it could be your worst choice. People think no one can help or are too embarrassed to tell. However, it will only make matters worse. The baby needs to be planned for, such as finding care and counseling.

What are your opinions on high school pregnancy? Do you think that our high school has any problems with it? In my opinion our school hasn't had very many teen pregnancies. If there were any, no one was discriminated against or made fun of. Noting that it is a stressful situation, we should probably help out the people who are pregnant during their high school career.

-Dylan Garrison, seeing how it feels to haul around a baby in his stomach.

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