Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better be on time!! By: Emily Bierl

Are teen curfews getting earlier or later as the years go on? Many teens don't agree on the curfews their parents assign to them. Should parents have more trust in their kids?

Parents aren't just trying to make their teenagers upset, they just want to know their kids are safe. Many parents are concerned that the later their kids stay out, the more trouble they will get in. Mike Bierl (my dad) states, "Nothing good ever happens after midnight!" On the other hand some parents could care less on when their children are home. Tony Hansen said, "My curfew is pretty flexible. My mom says 12:30, but I usually get home around one and she doesn't mind."

Mike Bierl, seeing that it is passed 12:30.

Hurrying home!

The town curfew for kids our age is 12:30, so that is most teens' curfew on the weekends. Cassie Allen exclaimed, "I have to be home at 12:30 and no later, my parents are very strict about it." School nights are different in most cases. My curfew on a school night is ten, because if it was any later I would not get much sleep.

In my opinion parents are making curfews later compared to years ago. There are plenty of things they have to worry about their kids getting into but since there are many consequences to follow they aren't too concerned. So next time a parent tells their kid to be home on time, it's only because they care not because they are punishing you.

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