Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy Hair or Tradition?

Three... Two... One... The Cyclones win. They now qualify to compete for the state football championship. They will have to practice hard, get alot of sleep, eat right, and cut their hair as crazy as possible?!

This is Kelsey McDaniel with HCHS school news. You read right, a crazy hair cut. That's how tradition goes. When HCHS qualifies for the State Championship the football team will go to the local hair salon and get a haircut. Now we aren't talking a trim and a clean shave. I mean a crazy, colorful, and original hairstyle. The football team on November 18th, 2009 came to school sporting their new hairstyles. But this isn't just a hairstyle; it's a tradition. How did it get started though?

In 1989, Harlan Community football team qualified for the state championship game. The team was excited and proud that they made it that far. Then senior, Taco Tim Miller (Tim gained his nickname "Taco Tim" because his parents owned Border Fare), showed up to school with the shape of the Uni-Dome shaved in the back of his hair. The students couldn't believe that Taco Tim had gone as far with his school spirit to shave his hair in such an unique way. The team loved it, the teachers loved it, and the student body loved it. That's when it became a tradition to do something crazy to your hair right before the big game. It seems that this tradition will never die but continue to grow even bigger. Over the years the hairstyles that have been chosen have become more drastic and unique.

It seems though that some people in the school and community think that the hairstyles is no longer a tradition but a way for the the football team to brag. I personally do not believe this, but that is how some feel. So I pose the question to the HCHS School News readers... Do you think that this is a tradition or the football team rubbing it in that once again they have won?

Well, either way this years popular choice seemed to be a blond Mohawk or bright colored hair dye. The team has definitely enjoyed getting a chance to stand out. The football team deserves it to. They have worked hard to reach their spot in the high school championship game. I wish them all good luck and a final statement of "Hey, nice hair!"

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