Monday, November 23, 2009

Generation Disrespex by Joe Schmitz

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches I would like to point out the lack of thanks in most kids today. The majority of children; from elementary school, to even college students; have a large disregard for the things they are given. I have seen first hand how kids take everything for granted. They have this inexplicable feeling of entitlement. They feel everything needs to be handed to them, thats what their parents teach them and thats what they are used to. Parents today bathe their children with trinkets and other unnecessary items because if they don’t they have to deal with whining. Parents ruin their children by giving everything thing they want and little of what they need. Children today need a better feeling for respect. Most of them have no respect for their elders. They say what they want, and do what they want; if not, they throw a tantrum. Parents spoil their children and smother to the point where the kids believe they just have a right to everything. By always telling children that every little mistake you make is okay, you condone the consensus that no mater what you do, you’ll get another chance. If kids are allowed to repeat their mistakes or wrongs without reprimand it babies them into a sense of naive disrespect. Adults leave no punishment to their young when they disrespect other, so it carries on to when they are older. They keep doing what they want and completely ignoring the fact that what they do and say are out of line. If more parents would step and bring consequences upon their children when they are disrespectful, I believe, that todays generation would be much harder working and caring. Parents are there to ensure their children grow up to be respectful productive citizens, not to be their friends.

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