Monday, December 14, 2009

Semester Test... Wait Project... No Cleaning?!

The time of year has come yet again. Time to get some last minute studying in. Time to make or break your final grade. But what exactly is it that people expect when they hear about semester tests? I decided to go around Harlan Community High School and see what exactly high school teachers do to test their students.

When i started to ask HCHS teachers I was expecting to hear that they have a written test that they will had out. Little did I know that a lot of teachers are changing how they do "tests". It seems that lately teachers have decide to expand the creative minds of HCHS students. A large portion of teachers are assigning projects instead of tests for their students. These projects have been assigned just within the last week and will be due the day of the semester test. Instead of taking the test the student is to present their project to the class. Than what ever grade they recieve on it will be worth as much as the test would be.Over all I found at least five teachers in the high school that assigned these projects

That's not all though, some teachers will have the students come into the class and help clean their room. So basically showing up will give them an A. Mr. Bruck and Mrs. Boeck give their students an option at the beginning of the year that if they only miss one day of school all semester they will not have to take the test. This is a great incentive for students not to miss school. The Spanish teachers allow their students to "bank" semester test answers through out the school year. Basically on smaller test if the student gets the answers right it will automatically be counted right on the semester test. Than of course there is the old school basic multiple choice written semester test. This is of course most popular in the math and science departments.

I asked students what they thought about having to take a hard test in one class than turning around and cleaning for the next class but still it is worth the same points? This is what HCHS students had to say.

Chandra Knudsen: It is awesome. I like it because it is like getting a break in between tests. Plus its an easy grade.

Michelle Stoltz: It's cool. I like it because you don't have to do a whole lot.

Sam Schwery: Like doing a lab in chem. or like having a newspaper project for history as a test... its gimpy (lame).

Bailey MaGrath: It's sweet. Makes it pretty easy.

Bri Crees: It kinda balances it out so you don't have as much studying to do and can focus more on the written test.

Brad Nelson: No I would much rather do a project in all classes. It easier.

There you have it. It seems to be a pretty basic response. Students really like the variety of options that are being offered. It allows them a small amount of down time to study and mentally prepare for the next written test. Well this has been Kelsey McDaniel with school news. I will leave you with this question... What is your opinion about the wide variety of semester tests that are given?

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