Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow!!! by Jake Holloway

Snow is pretty much a love-hate relationship. Some people love it and others hate it with a passion.

The Good-
The goods about snow is that you can do so many thing in it. The best reason I like the snow is that school can be called of and who dosen’t like a snow day? You can go sledding and snow boarding down monster hills. Some people like to go to Mt. Cresent because they have nice hills and it’s really easy to get back up the hills with the ski lift. You can go drift busting with trucks but, make sure you always have two trucks because you never know when you might need a little help in getting out of the drift. Some people love the snow to go snowmobiling, you can only go once a year so the more snow for them the better. Kids love to go out in the snow to have snowball fights and to make a classic holiday snowman. The hunters like the snow because it helps them to spot the deer so they can hunt them easier. I would fall under the people that love snow, I like to do all of these things when winter comes around. I always like to have a white Christmas as well, it just adds to the holiday spirit.

The Bad-
The not so good about the snow is that it is really cold! Old people hate the snow and cold so much that they have second houses down south so they don’t have to deal with it. It is really hard to get around if you don’t have four-wheel-drive too. You have to wait around behind city trucks that move the snow and they take for ever. Many accidents happen during the winter caused by the snow. Its not fun going out to start your car a little earlier just so you can melt the ice off of you windows.

Dylan Garrison- “I hate waking up to scrape my windows off in the morning! It drives me crazy!”

Jeremy Schwery- “I love busting drifts with my GMC, it never gets stuck!”

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