Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back Parking Lot Dangerous or Not?-By Emily Bierl

Everyone knows how most teens can be with driving safely. There are more distractions and they have a hard time staying focused. In my opinion, most distractions occur with friends in the car and especially at school.

I have witnessed a couple of accidents in the back parking lot of the highschool. The first accident dealt with another person and me. It was very surprising and scary. Another accident that occured, was between my friend and another lady. The lady was going pretty fast and so was my friend. Before my friend knew it, she came around a corner and the lady ran right into her. I asked Danielle how much it will cost to fix the damage and she answered, "Probably over one thousand dollars. I got a new car recently and my sister is now getting the damaged one." I also asked her what she wishes she would of done to prevent the accident and she stated, "I wish I would of payed more attention and slowed down. I hope in the future the school will put a yield sign or something up to prevent these things from happening." An anonymous teacher exclaimed, " It's hard to find a safe parking spot to park in without worrying about it."

-Danielle Hansen's car after the wreck.

In my opinion there are many ways we can prevent these wrecks from happening. We could all stand to drive a little slower when in the parking lot. We could also try and keep the music down, so we can focus on our surroundings. Another way would be to put your phone away and not text while driving. I'm not sure if it would help, but maybe the school should think about putting some signs up in the parking lot.

I think that if enough wrecks occur in the parking lot, the school should definately think about ways to stop it. We either need to be more cautious or have some signs and rules. Would you want to take the risk and hurt your car or even yourself?

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