Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inked UP by Dylan Garrison

A lot of people have different opinions about tattoos. Brian Kloewer and I just got a tattoo yesterday since it was his birthday I figured I would get one too. I really wanted to see what others thought about these tattoos.

Willie Baughman said, "They are fine as long as they are not visible and you can atleast cover them up with a shirt or pants."

I think as long as they mean something to you it shouldnt matter but if it would be something that would change i wouldnt get it. I just think its ridiculous when people have them all over their bodies. Right when i stepped in I saw all the people inside and i found out that tattoos happen all the time. I figured the place wouldnt ever be busy but it was just flowing with people. I was really nervous when we got in to the tattoo place though. We had to wait quite awhile since they were so busy but when we finally got in it seemed like the time went by so fast. It hurt pretty bad it almost felt like someone rubbing sandpaper on your skin and now it just feels like a sunburn. I got my last name down my right side. I have trouble sleeping on my left side.

All my dad said was "I hope it hurts"

The tattoo place is in the Omaha in the old market and it is called Big Brain. It is on 1123 Jackson Street. The link is

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