Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come Sail Away With Me-Emily Bierl

What do you think about Harlan's prom? Does it make you feel like your money was well spent? Is ours better than other schools? I'm going to get the inside scoop on what our students think.

First we start the night with The Grand March. The Grand March is where everyone who is attending the prom is announced to the Harlan community. Dylan Garrison said, " I think it's a good thing to have, so everyone will get noticed." The students each go on stage with their dates, get recognized, and pause for pictures. Some of the couples like to get creative by doing either a hand shake or a dance while on stage. In my opinion, it's a great thing to have so that our familys can see us before we leave for the dance.

Nate Pattee and I being announced at The Grand March. (Not very visible due to the darkness in the auditorium)

From there, we head to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha for the dance. Some schools don't even leave their own town for their prom, so we have a good deal. When we arrive there, we get in line to have our picture taken. The pictures turn out really nice, due to all the flowers in the background. After having our pictures taken, we get to enjoy an awesome meal. The meal consists of chicken, roast beef, potatoes, fruit, and best of all, cheesecake! Once our stomachs are full of food we get to watch our fellow classmates be hypnotized. This is probably my favorite part of the night because it is so funny to watch! After that is the dance.

Finally, we head back to Harlan after all of the fun. But, it's not over yet! The schools offers a Casino Night at the high school. You get a chance to win some great prizes. I like casino night, but it felt like a really long activity. Some students didn't really enjoy it but others did. Nate Pattee said, " I liked how you had the chance to get some cool stuff, but it seemed to run a little long. I think I would like it better if it was around an hour instead of two." I think it is cool how so many people donate money for us to have Casino Night. They serve us sandwiches and pizza too.

So, overall I think our prom is pretty awesome. Hanna Bissen explains, "I love being able to dress up nice and have fun with my friends. The whole night is just amazing." We get to go to Omaha and even ride in nice coach buses. I heard that some schools have to ride in their school buses and that doesn't sound fun at all. We get good food and great entertainment. We are really fortunate to have a prom as nice as we do.

Dylan Garrison, Becca Stein, Nate Pattee, and me before The Grand March.

Some of the senior girls and myself before the big night.

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