Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Ready For The Big Day by Dylan Garrison

I know a lot of guys and maybe some girls don't care at all about planning their graduation parties. There are a lot more details that go into it that some may think. There are many different options for food and snacks. You could have cupcakes, cake, or any other random deserts. These choices are critical to getting a graduation party ready. The main dish is the biggest question. Catering or making your own food?

"Should we have French dips, pork, tacos, or steak?" my mom always asks.

As you probably already know I am leaving all this stuff up to my mom. I could really care less what I have for food. Its not like i will eat any of it anyway.

"A lot of the parents already have some experience with this kind of stuff but some wouldn't(like my mom)" said Julie Stein.

The other necessiteis are pretty important as well. These include sending invitations, photos, awards, and table settings. Sending invitations might be the most important detail. My mom has been writing out the addresses this week, but she really doesnt know how many to do or who to send them all too. A lot of kids will just have invitations on facebook. For pictures a lot of people will do slideshows. The others include photo albums collages or just have photos sitting out on the tables. Some people might do all of them. I think that will be the most time consuming. My mom just recently got little graduation hats to go on the table.

Those who are not having their graduation party at their house usually have to call and save a place somewhere else. I am having my graduation party at the Elm Crest Community Center. My mom had to call up and reserve it for May 16th.

I think i hit all of the big preparations that go into the whole set up for the graduation parties. So hopefully everyone makes it through all of this and they have a good time in doing it.

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