Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toilet Paper? Say WHAT?!

After hearing the announcement about the Toilet Paper last week, I’m sure many of you were very confused. You were probably thinking something somewhere along the lines of, “Read the toilet paper? Huh? There’s nothing on it!” Well, worry no more Toilet Paper-readers; I’m here to tell you what all this “business” is about.

Every couple of weeks, or actually about once a month, we are assigned a blog story, which is pretty much just a miscellaneous blog, for those of you who have experienced one of Mr. Bruns’s classes. For those of you that haven’t, it’s pretty much just a paper that’s about a page long, giving your opinions or a recap of something. Anyways, because none of you ever read these stories that we put an enormous amount of effort into, Danielle and Kelsey came up with the idea of creating the Toilet Paper.

The first editions of the Toilet Paper came out last week, and they were updated with four new ones this week. There has been a lot of talk about the paper, some positive talk, and some negative talk. One of the things that student’s were confused by was the MLIA’s on the side bar. MLIA stands for My Life is Average, and it is a lot less depressing than the also popular FML’s. I really enjoy the MLIA’s, and think they are quite hilarious to read while you’re doing your business.

Some of the positive feedback we have received is basically the same. When asked if they liked the Toilet Paper, Bailey McGrath said, “Yeah, I like it! Especially the MLIA’s.” Amanda Petersen stated, “I don’t really notice it...” and Ben Reinig said, “I haven’t really paid much attention to it, but when I was talking to someone about it, nothing good was really said.”

In my opinion, I think the thoughts about the Toilet Paper are split into two categories: Girls=Positive and Boys=Negative. I think the girls appreciate it more because they spend A LOT more time in the bathroom than boys, and boys just like to get in and get out of there. I also think boys don’t like it as much just because they aren’t really concerned with social issues like girls are.

That pretty much “wraps” it up for me. (Pun definitely intended) If any of you have any comments or feedback on the Toilet Paper, or things you would like to see added to it, feel free to contact either Mrs. Daniels, Mr. Bruns, or any other School News members. Or just feel free to visit the News Blog and comment!

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