Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boy's Tennis Beat Shenandoah 5-4!

The Cyclone boy's tennis team defeated Shenandoah 5-4 on Thursday, April 22. "It was nice to get a win today as we have lost a lot of close meets this season," Coach Chad Bruns said. "Nate Ohms and Willie Henrich continue to play very well in singles and I really like how Nate Pattee and Nick Petsche are playing together in doubles," Bruns added. "We have about two weeks until the Conference Tournament and Districts and that us our focus right now. We will continue to work hard to get better each meet," Bruns concluded.

Here are the individual scores:

Varsity(2-5 on the season)


1. Nate Pattee(2-5) lost 2-8 to Time Fricke
2. Nate Ohms(4-3) won 8-4 over Jeff Armstrong
3. Mitch Gross(2-5) lost 2-8 to Adam Stauffer
4. Willie Henrich(5-2) won 8-4 over Clayton Young
5. Nick Petsche(1-4) lost 3-8 to Adam Rolf
6. Dan Ohms(2-4) won 9-7 over Jacob Holmes


1. Gross/N.Ohms lost 6-8 to Fricke/Armstrong
2. N. Pattee/Petsche won 8-6 over Stauffer/Rolf
3. R. Henrich/D. Ohms wond 8-4 over Young/Holmes

JV Scores(1-5-1 for the season):

JV tied 4-4.


1. Ryan Henrich won 6-2 over Mitchell Steinkuehler
2. Riley Finn won 6-2 over Trent Turney
3. Zach Lefeber lost 2-6 to Max Johnson
4. Dillon Kramer lost 1-6 to Kyle Fischer
5. Joe Arenstson lost 4-6 to Christian Debban
6. Austin Euchner lost 5-7 to Caleb James

1. Riley Finn/Ryan Henrich won 6-1 over Steinkuehler/Turney
2. Dillon Kramer/Joe Arenston won 6-0 over Wright/Meyer

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