Thursday, April 15, 2010

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses. Seems like everyone has had their far share of experiencing this annoying bug. Our school has been hit hard with viruses and has been trying to get it under control for more than a year now. How do we get rid of it? It takes a lot of work and patience. Mrs. Greer and Mrs. Swanson work day and night constantly trying to revive our laptops, stopping only for necessities and coffee. Lots of coffee. We could try a few things to help prevent these viruses and to save these poor women some time. According to Microsoft you should do these things:

1.) Use firewall
2.) Subscribe to antivirus software
3.) Never open emails that aren’t from people you know.
4.) Don’t click on links you are unsure about

First off, let me explain to you exactly what a virus is. It is a program on the computer that copies itself to mess with the way a computer works without the acknowledgement of the computer owner. What causes these viruses? Ruthless, manipulative, geniuses are to blame. Their only intentions are to cause people pain and agony. Usually what they do is put the virus in a link or email to trick people into opening it and for some reason we continue to fall for it.

Do these ladies a favor and give them a break. Just because these are not your laptops, you should still take care of them as if they were. If you follow the four safety pointers I mentioned earlier, you should be good to go. Don’t let those tricky little devils fool you. Be careful and pay attention to what you are doing and it will make the world a better place, or at least you will be making Mrs. Greer and Mrs. Swanson’s a little better.

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