Monday, April 12, 2010

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose to AL

The HCHS Boy's tennis team lost 1-8 to a very good AL team on Thursday, April.
"We once again struggled against a good opponent that we beat last year. Our consistency just is not where it needs to be at this point. The Ohms and Henrich brothers played well in their doubles matches and Mitch played pretty well in his singles match. Outside of that, we struggled," Coach Chad Bruns said.

Here are the individual scores:

Varsity(1-2 on the season)

We lost to AL 1-8.


1. Nate Pattee(2-1) lost 0-8 to Alex Crowl
2. Nate Ohms(1-2) lost 1-8 to Collin Crowl
3. Mitch Gross(1-2) lost 8-9(4-7) Dan Hopper
4. Willie Henrich(1-2) lost 3-8 Cody Hollinger
5. Dan Ohms(1-2) lost 1-8 to Connor Thomas
6. Ryan Henrich lost 1-8 to Nate Stuart


1. Gross/N.Patte lost 0-8 to Crowl/Crowl
2. N. Ohms/D. Ohms won 8-5 over Hopper/Hollinger
3. R. Henrich/W. Henrich lost 8-9(3-7) to Thomas/Stuart

JV Scores(1-2 for the season):

JV lost 2-3.


Zach Lefeber lost 3-6 to Evan Jiles


1. Riley Finn/Jon Kaufman lost 2-6 to Green/Orth
2. Zach Lefeber/Austin Euchner lost 0-6 to Hackett/Kooniz
3. Dillon Kramer/Joe Arenston won 6-2 over Branigan/Nohr
4. R. Finn/J. Kaufman won 6-1 over Newman/Spurgin

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