Friday, April 30, 2010

Plans for the Future / by Dylan Garrison

Iowa Western Community College is a very popular college. It has been known for many years and it is still growing in population. I chose IWCC because it is very close to my home and it was also a lot cheaper than most colleges. If I would miss a class or want to take one while I am in Harlan I can do that as well. Just have to go down to the Iowa Western building on Highway 59.

Most colleges you have to pay extra for meal plans and not have a choice. Well IWCC has a choice you can both live in the suites and have to pay for a meal plan or the option of living in the apartments. Since there is a kitchen you don’t need to pay for a meal plan. You also have the option too if you would like so that is very handy. I can just go over to the lunch room anytime if I don’t have any food. The lunch over there is only four dollars.

I think they also have a lot of good programs. There is a really good band and choir program down there for the kids who are interested in that. Even 89.7 the River radio station broadcasts in the building. They have a big campus so lots of room for students. The book fees are very cheap for the classes that I am taking too and they are really easy to get because they have the store right on campus. The other thing I like is that if you want to transfer to a four year college after two years, like me, you can have them help you set that up. I plan to go to Iowa State after two years.

“I like the small classes you can actually get to talk to teachers. Not too big of campus and not too small. It is the perfect size,” said Brandon Martin.

My parents like the idea of going here because I can come home anytime they want me to but I really don’t know if I will come back every weekend. My mom says its nice because it's small.

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