Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer Lovin' by Victoria Thomas

Ask a student if they’re ready for summer and their answer will always be yes. Sure, students enjoy hanging out at school and learning, but what beats soakin’ up the sun in a small town? You got it, nothin! As the weather heats up, the students get restless in school. What are we all so anxious about? What will we spend our summer doing? I wanted to find out.
I asked a few students around the school what their summer will consist of. Working? Vacation? Friends? Their answers were pretty much all the same; all of the above! I found out it really depends on the student, and what they are involved or interested in. One student said she would be working at her job 4-5 days a week, and in between, a vacation to Okoboji, and hanging out supporting our school at baseball games.
Another student I asked said that she would be babysitting some of the time, also vacationing in Okoboji, and hanging out with her friends. Some kids don’t have jobs, but seem to have hard work to do around their houses. A lot of kids said they would be attending the races in the summer too.
I spoke to a senior here and there and most of them said they would be readying themselves for college or college classes. Some will spend their summers on a job hunt to take up some of their time. A lot of the seniors said that they were just going to be relaxing and hanging out with their friends before they go away to college. Others are moving in the summer to a different town, some to a different state entirely.
A lot of students I talked to are just taking on small jobs and hanging out at the pool or skate park with friends. Some people said they were just going to sleep all summer, and I don’t blame them. Those who work hard in school and have after-school jobs get worn out and just want to relax in the short months we have out of school.
Obviously students just want to relax in the summer, but as my class is growing up I’m seeing more and more kids trying to get jobs, help out at home, or do good in the community! I know that the day summer hits I’ll be on a plane to Ft. Myers Florida to see some of my family. When I get back? Work and friends! This is my last summer before graduation, and I’m going to take advantage of it! You should too! Have a safe and fun summer. Stay healthy, tan, and happy!

Pictures- Victoria Thomas

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