Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, About That Center.

Ba ba da da! Imaginary trumpets sounded as perhaps one of the greatest openings to ever take place in the history of Harlan (and dare I say it the world?) took place only a few short weeks ago. A fabulous place to get fit, kill boredom, make money, get out of those gosh darn cornfields... What could I be referring to? Why none other than the awesome Petersen Family Wellness Center and Lewis Family Aquatic Complex.

Construction started in December of 2008, and now the centers are in full boom. The facilities offer a variety of things to enjoy like a dry sauna, multiple playing courts, pool, and ridiculously nice workout equipment. The open houses they held were packed with people wanting to get a gander at all of the new stuff, and since then memberships have been incredibly popular. According to Sara Pape, "memberships have nearly doubled what was expected!"

Senior Dylan Greer was "totally" excited about the wellness center. "I haven't been fit in years!" But on a more serious note, he "really likes the opportunity to swim and exercise in more unique ways."

Around the school, conversations often center around the early morning workouts everyone has participated in and plans to join upcoming programs (such as yoga, starting on October 4th). American teenagers being excited about getting into better shape is definitely a refreshing change of pace. But another great chance the PFWC is offering is something American teenagers have been known to love... money.

That's right, there's plenty of high-schoolers working at the recently opened party central. Ellen Klitgaard, Joe Schmitz, Andrew Markham, Sara Pape, Dylan Greer, and Tannis Belisle are just a few. I know from personal conversations with teenage employee, Sara "Papey" Pape, that "the managers are trying to hire more lifeguards and daycare providers so that the center can accomodate more people." So, if you'd like a job where you can spend time with young children and maybe get in a sweat afterwards, you know where to go.

So, there you have it: the scoop on the brand spankin' new fitness/wellness/aquatic/super-awesome center. If you'd like more information about classes, hours of operation, or you just don't feel I've covered all the bases about Harlan's latest and greatest attraction, feel free to visit their website.

This has been Danielle Hernandez, reporting from my comfy couch at home, for School News. Let me know your feelings about the new wellness center, and feel free to pose questions about seeking employment or otherwise. Just click that nifty little comment button :)

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