Monday, October 4, 2010

Dress Me Up, Before Ya Go Go!

It's a Nightmare on Elm Street. In the dreams of his victims, a specteral child murderer stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him. But in the hallways of HCHS, a different kind of monster plagues the students and faculty. And that monster is... the glory that is Dress Up Days. For five days the students strut their stuff down the hallways, and the sky is the limit.

For years, anyone and everyone associated with Harlan Community High School have been invited to join in the festivities of Homecoming Week by dressing according to the themed days. Traditionally, Monday has always been Pajama Day and Friday the legendary Red and Black Day. But Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are up in the air. So, I, Danielle Hernandez for School News, have taken on the task of recording the 2010 Homecoming Dress Up Days.

So, Monday rolled around and students rolled right of bed and headed to school. Pajama Day has always been a favorite, for the simple reason that it's easy, comfy, and hard to forget. As previously stated, Monday has always been Pajama Day. So if you forget, I would suggest getting yourself checked out. Best Dressed boy was Mason Fah, who dawned a red onesie, complete with footsies. There was a tie between Alex Hansen and Emily Assmann. And, as predicted, Mrs. DuVal walked away with a five dollar certificate to Cylcone Corner with her ensemble. You go girl!

Tuesday was comparable to a rainbow vomiting on all of the students. Technicolor tights were seen on the ladies below the waist while, unfortunately for many, bare thighs were exposed by the menfolk. This day was definitely a spectacle, as many ladies contributed to Global Warming with their excessive hairspray and gigantic, cheesy scrunchies. But aside from the ecological damage, it was a pretty enjoyable day. Best dressed male went to Alex Markham, who came prepared for tennis at the local country club with exposed white thighs. Best dressed girl was Jandy Johnston, who looked like she walked right out of a Jane Fonda video. Mrs. Lansman earned her title (and her calves for that matter) by jumproping all day long.

Wednesday was a throwback to my freshman year, with Duct Tape/Trash Bag Day making another appearance. Students got creative by designing entire outfits from the supplies easily found at home. A common theme that day was the coveted designer tape, with many patterns and colors being incorporated. David Siebert came to school wearing a trash can, and thus won himself Best Dressed. Chandler Mores was the winner for Best Dressed girl, and Best Dressed teacher was Mrs. Rasmussen.

On Thursday, the theme for those not participating in Powderpuff was Hippie Day. Tye-dye, bell-bottoms, and floral print filled classrooms while the students rocked the peace sign in all their pictures. It was good times to be had by all. Shelbie Jacobson looked postively retro in her dress and boots, and won herself Best Dressed. As did Nick Hadfield, with his torn jeans and laid-back style. Mrs. Rasmussen went back to back with her victories this week, a feat that will not soon be forgotten.

And there you have it, this past week's Homecoming Dress Up Days festivities summed up and accounted for. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. What did you all think of this year's days? Be sure to leave a comment! This has been Danielle Hernandez for School News. You stay classy, HCHS!

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Great job Danielle! Well written!

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