Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose to Glenwood

The Harlan Community boy's tennis team hosted Glenwood on Tuesday, April 16th  and lost 1-8. "Gabe Ferry continued his strong play pulling out a hard fought 9-7 win" coach Chad Bruns said. "As a team, we need to keep our heads up and just continue to improve each day," Bruns added.

Varsity lost 1-8. Varsity is now 1-4 for the year.

Varsity Singles:

1. Trey Lansman lost to Joe Gunkleman 3-8
2. Jordan Good lost to EJ Hackett 1-8
3. Keenan Finn lost to Chris Chekal 0-8
4. Gabe Ferry defeated Justin Fisher 9-7
5. Josh Buman lost to Max Chavez 2-8
6. Joey Hansen lost to Zach Kirkpatrick 1-8

Varsity Doubles:

1. Lansman/Ferry lost to Gunkleman/Hackett 2-8
2. Good/Finn lost to Fisher/Chavez 3-8
3. Buman/Hansen lost to Chekal/Kirkpatrick 3-8

JV lost 2-3 and are now 2-2 on the year.

JV Singles:

1. Derek Leinen lost to Ryan Cronk 0-6
2. Zach Wingert defeated Brendan Goodman 6-3
3. Jordan Gaul lost to Aaron Bertini 1-6
4. Nick Clark lost to Ryan Cronk 0-6

JV Doubles:
1. Derek Leinen/Zach Wingert defeated Goodman/Bertini 7-5

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