Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HCHS Boy's Tennis Finish 10th at Hawkeye 10 Tournament

"We are obviously disappointed with our 10th place finish at the Hawkeye 10 Tournament. We are a young, inexperienced team that was hit hard by the lack of practices this year due to the weather. We return our top seven players next year so we look forward to improving and doing better next season," Coach Chad Bruns said.

#1 Singles:
Jordan Good lost to Jordan Nelson(Red Oak, #2 seed, got 2nd place) 1-10
Jordan Good lost to Nathan Fastje(Dension, 5th place) 1-8
#2 Singles:
Keenan Finn lost to Scott Caslow(Atlantic) 9-11
Keenan Finn lost to Chris Chekal(Glenwood) 4-8\
#1 Doubles:
Trey Lansman/Gabe Ferry lost to EJ Hackett/Justin Fisher(Glenwood, 7th place) 8-10
Trey Lansman/Gabe Ferry lost to Lear/Brinkman(LC, 6th place) 3-8
#2 Doubles:
Josh Buman/Joey Hansen lost to Max Chavez/Cole Peckham(Glenwood, 3rd place) 1-10
Josh Buman/Joey Hansen lost to Weston Morgan.Ryan Higginbotham(LC, 6th place) 1-8

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