Monday, April 14, 2014

Harlan Community Boy's Tennis Lose to Denison 1-8

The HCHS Boy's tennis team traveled to Dension on Thursday, April 10, to take on the Monarchs in a tennis duel. The Monarch's came out on top 1-8. The Cyclones are now 2-2 on the year.

"There were a lot of close singles matches," Coach Chad Bruns said. "Unfortunately, none of them went our way. We continue to struggle in doubles play which is something we need to continue to work and improve on."

The Cyclones host Lewis Central on Tuesday, April 15th and then travel to Audubon on Thursday, April 17th.


#1. Trey Lansman lost 7-10 to Mitch Kinsey

#2. Keenan Finn lost 2-10 to Nathan Fastje

#3. Isaac Stitz lost 4-10 to Spencer Pauley

#4. Jordan Good lost 9-11 to Matt Moran

#5. Gabe Ferry won 10-4 over Porter Bilsten

#6. Derek Leinen lost 6-10 to Jesse Ayala


#1. Lansman/Ferry lost 5-10 to Kinsey/Pauley

#2. Finn/Good lost 2-10 to Fastje/Moran

#3. Stitz/Leinen lost 5-10 to Bilsten/Ayala

JV Singles:

#1. Josh Buman won 8-4 over Ben Moran

#2. Zach Wingert won 9-8(7-1) over Sam Weber

#3. Joey Hanson lost 2-8 to Aaron Mumm

#4. Mark Douget lost 2-8 to Jack Schulte

JV Doubles:

#1. Joey Hanson/Zach Wingert won 8-6 over Weber/Mumm

#2. Mark Douget/Josh Buman lost 6-8 over Ben Moran/Preston Van Arsdol

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