Wednesday, April 13, 2016

HCHS Boy's Tennis Fall to Lewis Central

The HCHS boy's tennis team hosted Lewis Central on Tuesday, April 12 to take on the Titans. The Cyclones lost 3-6 to fall to 2-3 on the year. The Cyclones travel to Audubon on Thursday, April 14.

Listen to the radio report here.

Varsity Singles
#1 Isaac Stitz lost 1-10 to Caleb Shudak

#2 Alec Plagman won 10-6 over Colton Lear

#3 Michael Rueschenberg lost 2-10 to Blake Elam

#4 Josh Cheek won 10-6 over Cole Scheidle

#5 Nolan Heese won 10-3 over Grant Rodenburg

#6 Kaleb Kaster lost 0-10 to Corey Lear

Varsity Doubles

#1 Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman lost 5-10 to Shudak/Colton Lear

#2 Michael Rueschenberg/Nolan Heese lost 6-10 to Elam/Scheidle

#3 Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster lost 5-10 to Rodenburg/Corey Lear

JV Singles

Eric Rivera won 8-3 over Calvin Fricke
Joey Fields lost 4-8 to Justin Reynolds
Jack Buman won 8-7 to Zach Moore
Brian Hanson lost 6-8 to Nate Stoufer

JV Doubles
Rivera/Fields lost 4-6 to Fricke/Reynolds
Buman/Hanson lost 6-7(5-7) to Moore/Stoufer

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