Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HCHS Boy's Tennis Finish Second at Hawkeye 10 Tournamnet

Coach Chad Bruns' Comments:

I have to say that I am extremely proud of how much our team has improved from last year when we were at the bottom of this tournament. Everyone helped out in achieving this second place finish so it was a total team effort. We just played hard and good tennis overall today and really have been the last month or so. These guys have really stepped up and improved their game not just from last year but throughout this season as well. I am also very happy that everyone got a medal today as it will continue building our confidence going into Districts on Thursday(May 12) in Carroll.

Of course, major congratulations goes out to Josh Cheek and Kaleb Kaster for their Conference Championship in the #2 Doubles Tournament. They played outstanding tennis today, especially in the final, defeating Kuemper 6-4, 6-1.

See below for all the specific scores and results:

Listen to the radio report here.

#1 Singles: Isaac Stitz--Got 5th Place(4 points)

Pigtail Match: Stitz defeated Colin Uhlenkamp(Kuemper) 10-1
First Round: Stitz lost to Ryan Kucera(Creston #3 seed) 4-10
Consolation Semifinals: Stitz defeated Brooks(Clarinda) 9-7
Consolation Finals: Stitz defeated Sam Lauritsen(Glenwood) 8-2

#2 Singles: Alec Plagman--Seeded #3 and got 4th Place(5 points)

First Round: Plagman defeated Carlos Guerra(Red Oak) 10-8
Semifinal: Plagman lost to Alex Chekal 3-10
3rd/4th Match: Plagman lost to Colton Lear 6-8

#1 Doubles: Nolan Heese/Michael Rueschenberg-Got 6th place(3 points)

Pigtail Match: Heese/Rueschenberg defeated Cole Scheidle/Calvin Fricke(LC) 10-3
First Round: Heese/Rueschenberg lost to Jaden Heiden/Sam Weber(#1 seed) 2-10
Consolation First Round: Heese/Rueschenberg defeated Devon Ashenfelter/Jacob Buzzard(Shenandoah) 8-3
Consolation Semifinals: Heese/Rueschenberg defeated Cooper Bowman/Nathan Rhedin(St. Albert) 8-1
Consolation Finals: Heese/Rueschenberg lost to Weston Rolenc/Jesse Taylor(Red Oak) 4-8

#2 Doubles: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster-Seeded #3-Got 1st Place-Conference Champions!

First Round: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Sam Eagan/Triston Davidson(Creston) 10-2
Semifinals: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Sean Harper/Ethan Thompson(Glenwood) 10-8
Finals: Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Matt Dentlinger/Conner Uhlenkamp(Kuemper) 6-4, 6-1

Team Results:
                1st Place                Glenwood                           24 Points
                2nd Place               Harlan                                   20 Points
                3rd Place               Lewis Central                     18 Points
                4th Place               St. Albert                             16 Points
Tie          5th Place               Kuemper                             13 Points
Tie          5th Place               Shenandoah                      13 Points
                7th Place               Creston                               11 Points
                8th Place               Atlantic                                 10 Points
                9th Place               Denison                               9 Points
                10th Place             Red Oak                               8 points
                11th Place             Clarinda                                2 Points

                1ST Place               Caleb Shudak                     Lewis Central
                2nd Place               Travis Miller                       St. Albert
                3rd Place               Ryan Kucera                        Creston
                4th Place               Dalton Stoaks                      Shenandoah
                5th Place               Isaac Stits                            Harlan
                6th Place               Sam Lauritsen                     Glenwood
                7th Place               Jacob Brooks                       Clarinda
                8th Place               Kalob Flory                          Atlantic

                1st Place                Aaron Bertini & Adam Konforst                           Glenwood
                2nd Place               Jaden Heiden & Sam Weber                                  Denison
                3rd Place               Grant Podhajsky & Cooper McDermott                 Atlantic
                4th Place               Tanner Finken & Cameron Pille                             Kuemper
                5th Place               Weston Rolenc & Jesse Taylor                               Red Oak
                6th Place               Nolan Heese & Michael Rueschenberger              Harlan
                7th Place               Jacob Cook & Jaden Driskell                                 Creston
                8th Place               Cooper Bowman & Nathan Rhedin                        St. Albert

                1st Place                Reed Miller            St. Albert
                2nd Place               Alex Chekel           Glenwood
                3rd Place               Colton Lear             Lewis Central
                4th Place               Alec Plagman          Harlan
                5th Place               Carlos Guerra          Red Oak
                6th Place               Brodie Jones           Shenandoah
                7th Place               Dustin Merritt         Creston
                8th Place               Justin Schrader        Kuemper

                1st Place                Josh Cheek & Kaleb Kaster                          Harlan
                2nd Place               Matt Dentlinger & Connor Uhlenkamp       Kuemper            
                3rd Place               Sean Harper & Ethan Thompson                  Glenwood
                4th Place               Garrett Clark & Jacob Buzzard                    Shenandoah
                5th Place               Colton Lear & Grant Rodenberg                  Lewis Central
                6th Place               Luke Hohenberger & William Weppler        Atlantic
                7th Place               Sean Moran & Jordan Torres                        Denison
                8th Place               Sam Eagan & Triston Davidson                   Creston

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