Sunday, April 9, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Sweep St. Albert's

The Cyclones boy's tennis team bounced back from a loss to Denison earlier in the week to defeat St. Albert's 9-0. "I was very pleased with everyone's performance, especially Isaac's since he struggled in the Denison meet," Coach Chad Bruns said. "I was also very happy to see Kaleb, Jonny and Caleb battle and win their close matches. All three took hold of their matches late after being behind early on to win." 

The Cyclones are now 2-2 on the season. They travel to Lewis Central on Tuesday, April 11 and host Audubon on Thursday, April 13.

Listen to Coach Bruns' radio report

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Reed Miller 10-5
2. Alec Plagman defeated Cooper Bowman 10-4
3. Josh Cheek defeated Christian Baer 10-3
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Nathan Rhedin 10-5
5. Jonny Cheek defeated Trevor Rhedin 11-9
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Sam Narmi 10-7

Varsity Doubles:

1. Josh Cheek/Alec Plagman defeated Reed Miller/Cooper Bowman 10-8
2. Isaac Stitz/Caleb Rasmussen defeated Christian Baer/Trevor Rhedin 10-3
3. Jonny Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Nathan Rhedin/Sam Narmi 10-6

Overall Record: 2-2

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