Thursday, August 2, 2007

End of the year Band

The Harlan Community High School Band, directed my Mr. Craig Crilly, has ended their year by playing at sunday’s graduation ceremony. Playing from one to one thirty in the afrernoon the band provided an half hours worth of entertainment during the graduation. Having officialy played their last time together for the year they now look forward to next year in band. Selecting the Batons, Flags, and Drum Majors for next years marching band. The Batons will try out from eleven thirty to one in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 23. The Flags will try out form one to three int he afternoon, and Drum majors will try out from three to five in the afternoon on the same day. As we the senors bid their good-byes to their High School band career new leader step up as they welcome new freshmen into the band, already preparing for the upcoming year.

~Jessika C~

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