Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rising Gas Prices a HUGE Concern

Is there $4/gallon gas in the future? It appears so as gas prices in Harlan soared to $3.39 a gallon, which is 20 cents up from the beginning of this week.

The rapid rise in gas prices is a huge concern for many people who drive cars. Instead of trying to fight a lost war in Iraq, we should try and make peace with the Arabic oil people who we get most, if not all our gas from. The many problems that rising gas prices cause include people getting gas and going without paying for their gas.

There are many solutions to solve this gas price crisis. Instead of driving all the time, you could drive less often or barely anytime at all. We would use less gas and the demand for gas would be lower, which could mean lower prices. Another solution would be instead of buying low mileage vehicles, buy high mileage vehicles, like compact cars, that don’t use as much gas in a trip. We should, instead of using the fossil fuels from the Arabic countries, start using corn based gas, or ethanol, on a regular basis or use our supplies up in Alaska.

Until then, we should start getting used to the rising gas prices because they will not go down anytime soon.

-Posted by Ryan Henrich, 6th hour, who is signing off

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