Thursday, August 2, 2007

A New Kind of Wave

2008 Olympics look out; a new sport has hit the world! Concerts everywhere are inspiring athletes to “be passed overhead from person to person,” better known as crowd surfing. Generally, surfing crowds can only occur when the concert is jam packed with lots of hands ready to pass a body about without dropping the person, which could lead to serious injury. Not to be confused with regular surfing, crowd surfing requires no water, life jacket, or swimming suit. Some surf for entertainment, others for a conveniant way of travel. Many people agree that it can only be desribed as “life’s greatest pleasure,” but others fear that the dangers of crowd surfing outweigh the joy it brings. Discomforts such as being dropped, kicked, pinched, and tickled may occur. An interview with crowd-surfing legend, Megan H. follows.

Q: When was your most recent crowd surfing experience?

Megan: umm..on the FallOUt Boy concert

Q: Were you nervous to try out the sport?

Megan: very nervous…but when everyone else did it i was like what the hey might as well…otherwise i knew i would have regretted it if i didnt…

Q: How do you begin a crowd surf?

Megan: well you just find a bunch of guys who are picking everyone up and you go up to them and tell them you want to do it and off you go…

Q: Do you surf far from your group of friends?

Megan: yeah….we were over on the edge and you had to go into the middle to find the guys who picked you up…then you just find em when you’re done…

Q:Have you experienced or witnessed any unfortunate mishaps while crowd surfing?

Megan: no i havent experienced any..but i have seen plently…there was this one girl who was crowd surfing and they just dropped her completely..flat out on the ground…it was crazy…also ronda c. got dropped once…she landed on a lady though she said…

Q: Do you have any tips for furture surfers?

Megan: it might look scary but its soo much fun…you’ll regret it if you dont do it….future tip…if your’re wearing sport shorts, make sure they are on tight…cuz they can easily come off….

Q: So if you got the chance, you would crowd surf again?

Megan: definately!!!!!!!…..

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