Thursday, August 2, 2007

Graduation Not Too Far Away

This year the senior class has been involved in many fun things and has had some pretty fun adventures. They will soon be leaving our school. With only 2 days left the seniors are looking ahead to what the future may hold. As all of us younger high-schoolers know, the best part is going to the parties and eating the food. I have had the chance to interview Mitchel Petersen, a fellow HCHS Senior, about what he thought of his party and what he predicts for the future.

Q. Mitchel, what were you expecting of your party?

-I thought it would be fun and that there would be a lot of people.

Q. Did it turn out as you wanted?


Q. How does it feel to be graduating and why?

-Ummm…weird…because I will be on my own in a few months.

Q. Are you going to miss all of the people you are leaving?


Q. How do you feel about soon leaving your house and family?


Q. Are you nervous that you are going to be in college soon?


Q. What do you expect of college?

-I expect for classes to be hard but that it will be fun.

This is Amanda Petersen signing off for HCHS news.

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