Saturday, September 15, 2007

Classes Start at New Dance Studio

If you haven’t heard there is a new dance studio in town! Classes have just started this past week. Harlan Dance and Tumbling has made its way here from Denison. They also have a studios in Onawa and Ida Grove. The instructors at the Harlan studio are Sherri Freml, Jamie Freml, and Julie Schmidt. Sherri is the co- owner of all four studios with her sister Julie. They have been teaching dance for over 30 years and have had dancers win national titles and awards around the US. Laurel Olsen, Marilyn Fritzinger, Mandy Steinkuehler, Alycia Sporrer are also dance instructors at the Denison studio. The new Harlan dance studio is located on 1301 Hawkeye Ave.

They offer:
1 Hour Combination Dance Class- Girls or boys up to age 7. 20 minutes tap, 20 minutes jazz, and 20 minutes basic gymnastics skills.
1 Hour Dance Class- Girls or boys age 8 & up. 30 minutes tap, 30 minutes jazz.
30 minute Lyrical Class- Girls only, 6th grade & up. Must have had at least 1 year of Dance Class.
30 minute Ballet/Pointe Class- girls only, 6th grade & up. Must have had at least 1 year of Dance Class.
45 minute Jazz Class- Girls or Boys, 6th grade & up.
1 Hour Gymnastics Class- Girls or Boys, age 5 & up. Tumbling only.
1 Hour Baton Twirling Class- Girls only, 1st grade & up.

Recital dates for 2008 are June 7-8 and Dress rehearsal is June 7. All will be held at the HCHS auditorium. If you want to come and see what Harlan Dance and Tumbling is all about mark your calendar! The dancers would love for a big crowed to cheer them on and applaud at all of their hard work that has been put into their performances! For more information click on the link below. This has been Katelynn and Jandy for HCHS News.

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